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In our society today, we are divided in how we view art. There are some who see art as separate from our daily lives and others who see it entwined with our daily lives. The truth is that art is everywhere. It is not just some painting in a gallery or a statue in a museum. Art is in us and within us. It’s in the nature that is around us – the sun that shines over us, the wind that blows in your hair and the starry sky at night. Art is in the animals we call pets and take in as part of our family. It is in the wild animals that roam the mountains and plains. Art is in the hands of a 5 year old’s finger painting or the birdhouse your son makes in Shop Class.

We even find art in technology. Look at the beautiful design that goes into webpages or the realism in movies. There are many different opportunities in our lives where we see art at its best. One reason why many people do not recognize and honor art in their daily lives is because they simply don’t take the time to notice. We are so busy in our hectic lives that we don’t stop to appreciate things. So many beautiful things go unnoticed because of this.

Do you take the time in your daily activities to stop and appreciate the art you encounter? Unfortunately, in this fast-paced life we live, many of us do not take the time to stop. We need to make the time to rediscover the true art that lies within all of us and within this world that we live in. Take the time to look around you and take note of art that surrounds you. Make the time to really recognize and appreciate the beauty that surrounds your life each day.


Do you have children on your gift list? Is it sometimes difficult to decide what to buy them? If so you are not alone, many people have this same problem. Most of the time toys are on the top of the list followed by clothing. However, once in awhile it is good to give them a big surprise by presenting them with a unique gift they would never expect.

Part of the fun in buying gifts for children is watching the excitement in their eyes as they are opening the present and it is always interesting to see how they will respond after actually seeing the gift. Just imagine how excited they will be when opening a unique children’s gift that completely catches them by surprises.

Buying unique gifts for children is really easy; all you have to do is consider some of the things they care about the most. For instance, both boys and girls love to get things to decorate their room. This could include a wide variety of items such as pictures for their walls to figurines that set on their dressers and shelves. Children love to show off the special items they receive as presents. They feel a little more grown up when they get this type of unique gift. It lets them know just how special you really think they are.

There are many great unique gifts for both boys and girls, such as the ones listed below.

• Pictures
• Unique clocks
• Night lights
• Lamps
• Unique mirrors

Many children love animals so by giving them a dog theme round wall clock or a butterfly clock for their room is a great idea. A bear lamp or a cowboy and horse night light can make quite an impression. Girls may especially love the decorative ceramic hearts for their wall while boys may enjoy a western décor.

Show the child in your life how much you love and trust them by giving them one of the many unique gifts available for children. You may even be a little surprised at the response you receive when you do.

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Wall art is a beautiful way to decorate your home and give it a fresh modern look. If you are going to use wall art in your rooms, you need to know how to hang it properly. The position in which you place wall art may be more important than you think.

The positioning and angle that you use changes the perception of the art piece. It can also help affect the way the wall art looks to you and to other people who view it. To help you create the best environment and get the most out of your pieces here are 7 tips for hanging wall art.

1. Positioning of your wall art – The position that you place wall art will make a big difference on the mood that it creates in the room. Typically, placing wall art eye level will give the best results. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

2. Choose the right color – Use colors to your advantage, for example bright colorful pieces can create excitement and make the room stimulating. If you are looking for a calm and relaxing feeling to a room, choose wall art that are of neutral colors. When hanging wall art combine the art to match the color of the room and furniture to create the atmosphere you desire.

3. Choosing the right size – Choosing the right size wall art for the space you have available is very important. For instance, if you have a large space then you will either want to hang one large item or a collection of smaller art themed together to make a design. Vertical art is great for narrow spaces and wall art should be properly matched in size with furniture if placed directly above an item.

4. Arrange symmetrically – Aligning wall art in symmetrical fashion can make quite a statement. By placing one object in the middle such as a decorative mirror with two identical matching items placed equally on both sides you can give the room balance and this arrangement is quite pleasing to the viewer.

5. Combine pieces to make one statement – When you combine a group of small items together you can form a unified arrangement that is unusual and interesting. This is also a great way to fill up a large wall space while being creative.

6. Shapes – One great thing about wall art is that it comes in so many different shapes that you can find the perfect piece to fit any empty wall in your room. To make a room more interesting select the right shape for the space available.

7. Groups – Grouping several pieces of wall art together to create a unique design lets your creativity show through. When you group different pieces together in this way you are actually using them to make one larger image to fill wall space with creativity.

These tips should help you get started hanging your wall art today. If you’d like to shop for great wall art and other home décor, check out Unique Décor Online..

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Rustic Barnwood Mirror
Ever wanted to escape from it all? Day to day life can be very stressful, so it’s understandable that people become burned out. Everyone needs a break now and again. Have you ever thought of creating your perfect atmosphere in the cozy comforts of your own home? It can offer a great solace from the rigors of everyday life. What’s better than coming home to the relaxing environment that’s all your own. You can create this ambiance yourself just by decorating with your favorite decor theme. Today we’ll discuss rustic decor.

Obviously not everyone has the time, money, or space to fill their homes with log furniture, wooden accents and stone settings. However, with a little creative thought, you can easily add a touch of rustic home decor into your life. A place you’ll be anxious to “retire” to every night, or escape to on a cold, snowy day. A simple way to bring a hint of rustic decor into your home is to incorporate some plants into your home. Planters are a great way to accent and enhance a room and the best part of all, there are so many designs to choose from, you’re only limited by your imagination. Pictures and frames are another great choice. A barnwood framed mirror will set the tone.

A simple way to adapt rustic home décor to your every day life is with the use of accessories. A rough hewn log becomes a favorite lamp. Don’t forget to top it off with the perfect lampshade and you’ll have the finishing touch you desire. Finally, you can bring rustic home decor into your home through color schemes and materials. Of course, natural wood furniture fits right in, just keep it simple in design.

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It’s the holiday season and many people are decorating their homes – hanging stockings, trimming the trees and just adding some general cheer to their home. This is the time to pull out all your holiday decor and spread some Christmas spirit throughout your home.

Unique Home Decor is my favorite place to shop for great items for the holidays and all year round. Here are some sample must-haves for the holiday season:

A Christmas Gifts Welcome Sign is a great example of how you can make a memorable impression on the people who visit your home this holiday season. Or check out the Christmas Suncatcher – this is one of my favorites! I always get a comforting, peaceful feeling when I look upon this.

You can hang your stockings with flair when you use this designer Christmas Stocking Hook. It is hand-painted metal made from recycled steel drums. Or these holiday salt and pepper shakers are a great gift item. There are so many great things to choose from I even stocked up for next Christmas!

When you use the items here you will have a memorable holiday decor that any visitors are sure to never forget. Express your creativity and appreciation for art with these great gifts and decor items. If you want to make an impression this year and choose a gift that is different and unique, or if you are looking to spread some unique holiday cheer throughout your home, you can do it with the great gift items you find here.


When it comes to decorating your living space, your office or your bedroom, you might know that those little finishing touches can really go a long way to making your home or office feel more like, well – yours. It’s always better to spend time in a room that makes you comfortable. Sometimes adding those finishing touches to your home décor can really make all the difference.

Sometimes all it takes is a special photo on your desk or a comforting plant in the corner to make your room feel more personalized. What are some examples of great finishing touches you can add to your unique home décor to make it even more special?

Flowers- Flowers or plants can make a huge addition to any room and create a homier feel. Whether you use live flowers and plants or classy artificial ones is up to your tastes, your needs and your ability to care for the plants but either way, they can add a nice finishing touch to any room. Flower art or décor items can also add a nice touch to a room.

Wall art- Decorating your walls can make a huge difference in any room. Bland, bare walls do not give you a sense of comfort. But some wall art in a style that you like can make a big difference in how you feel while in that room. There are many different types of wall art. Aside from regular photos and pictures, you can also look for decorative mirrors, personalized photo frames, metal wall art and much more.

Use a Theme- Another way to add finishing touches to your home décor is to add to a theme that you have going in your house or the room in question. For example, if you like a rustic décor, you can expand on this theme with little odds and ends that give those finishing touches to your home décor. A framed mirror as a room accent can work wonders for setting the atmosphere and ambiance in your room. If you like a country or a modern theme, the same rules apply. Consider the small ways you can add little touches to each room.

Combine Things You Love- Nothing will make you feel better than a room decorated with things that you love. If you are a cat-lover, you might look for wall art or a clock with cat theme. If you like flowers or horses or ladybugs, look for things to decorate your home that contain those themes.

Taking time to add even the simplest finishing touches to your room can make all the difference. Remember that if you will be spending time here, why shouldn’t you have décor that makes you feel good?

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Are you looking for a special gift for someone you know that’s better than your typical, expected present? Do you know someone who is looking to spruce up their home, office or other room? If this describes you or someone you know, then it’s time for you to make unique gifts for the home part of your home decor.

The average person spends a lot of time and money on home décor just looking for that perfect design. This is one of the few ways you are able to express your personality and make your own creations. They give you the freedom to turn your home into the sanctuary that you have always dreamed of. Unique gifts for the home make a statement and allow room for some great conversations between you and your guest.

Whether it is for your own home or a gift for someone else there are many wonderful ideas to choose from. Below is a list of just a few great ideas.

• Hand painted shower curtains
• Western décor
• Rustic décor
• Hand painted glassware
• Lazart wall art
• Decorative welcome signs
• Unique toilet seats
• Contemporary wall mirrors
• Tile art
• Unique picture frames
• Gourd art
• Hand painted mailboxes

These are just a few of the unique gifts for your home that are available. Add a few of these pieces to a room and the whole appearance is changed. Almost everyone loves to receive gift items for their home, both the young and old alike. This type of gift is both practical and very useful. With all the unique gifts for your home to choose from you are sure to find something that is suitable for everyone’s taste.

What better way is it to show a friend or loved one how much you care. When you buy a unique gift for the home for someone else you are showing them that you notice the things that they take interest in. This in turn shows just how much they mean to you.

Buying a unique gift for your own home gives you the opportunity to be creative and express your interest. It is a way to create different environments to generate different moods for your home. Help to brighten up someone’s day by giving them a unique gift for the home.

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