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If you are looking for a fun activity for rainy days, something fun to do with the kids or just a great way to liven up your home décor, you should consider decorating your own picture frames. You can take regular, ordinary picture frames (such as those you buy at Wal-Mart or Target) and turn them into wonderful, personalized works of art.

Make your memories even more special when you frame them in something you have decorated yourself with your own hands. This makes a wonderful keepsake when you have a hand in making a great photo frame. If you want to create your own art picture frames, here is what you need:

1. A photo frame (can be made of wood, plastic, glass, metal, etc)
2. Something to hold it all on (glue sticks, hot glue gun, etc)
3. Items for decorating

Your items for decorating can vary according to what kind of look you want to have. You can use colored paper, metallic paper or old Christmas and gift-wrapping paper, sequins, glitter and more for a fun, funky look. You can use acorns, small rocks and even twigs or dried leaves for an earthy feel or even buttons or beads. Finding the items to decorate with is half the fun!

If you are not as creative or would like something easy the kids can do themselves, you can also look for a photo frame decorating kit. There are kits available for purchase that come with a photo frame and all the items you need for decorating it. All you need is the creativity and a picture to put in it when you’re done!

If you want to check out some other great, creative picture frames, see the ones at Unique Décor Online. They have metal picture frames, regal picture frame and other beautiful, unique designs.

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Do you have a passion for crafting? Do you have a new or unique approach to crafting? Does your family rave about your unique handcrafted item? Do you want to be on TV?

HGTV has a brand new show starting on crafting and they are looking for talented, charismatic crafters from all over to be featured on their show. More details about the show, information on how to apply and more can be found by visiting their link below:

HGTV Call to Undiscovered Crafters

This could be your chance to share your talent with the world. Look for the upcoming debut of the show to see great crafting talent and ideas. (We’ll update you when we find out more about the premiere date of the new show).

thumb_smr2424wws.jpgCombining the talent of artists with state of the art technology and laser cutting techniques, produces an exciting concept of art: Lazart laser art. Lazart is known worldwide as a leader in laser cut metal art and produces extraordinary gift ideas. Lazart laser art catapults handcrafted metal designs into exceptional art. Nationally recognized artists radiate their talent into beautiful pieces. Every unique piece possesses its own magnificence.

Lasers are used everyday around the world. A laser uses a thin beam of light, consisting of the same color and traveling in the same direction in an organized manner. It is able to produce enough heat to erode thin pieces of material. Because of its orderly pattern, it can be controlled very accurately. This makes it a perfect fit with intricate art designs. Lasers are perfect for precise patterns used in glass and metal cutting. The finish is what really sets this art apart from the rest and with many to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect piece. The combinations are endless!

Lazart crafts include wall art and home décor. You can choose from bath, kitchen, or home Lazart designs. Once you experience the quality, you will jump into this art movement. You will be the envy of all your friends. The Lazart laser art shapes consist of southwest, northwoods, nautical, and western themes.

Lazart metal art is innovative and modern, produced with the finest craftsmanship and the newest in technology. Whether you display Lazart wall art in your home or give one as a gift, you will have an irreplaceable gem. It can complement any decor or bring your current scheme into a whole new dimension. If you’re more conservative, Lazart metal art can provide a new outlet for you.

Since Lazart wall art creations are distinctive, rest assured this unique gift will delight. Dazzle their world with an interesting, detail oriented décor piece. Dare to be different and enter this new world of laser design!

Gourd Art Ideas

In the spirit of my recent gourd theme, I would like to share with you 5 great things you can make with gourds. This is certainly not the end of what you can do with gourd art but it can give you a great

1. Table Centerpiece or Setting- You can created a fabulous table setting using dried, decorated gourds. This would be an especially great idea around Thanksgiving but anytime of the year is great as well.

2. Birdhouses- You can create a bird house gourds for small birds out of large, dried gourd shells. Additionally, you can also make bird feeders in almost the same way. These are great for small birds to perch on and make a great addition to your garden or porch or in front of a window in your home so you can watch the birds come explore your birdhouse gourd or birdfeeder.

3. Dippers and Bowls- You can use dried gourds to make decorative dippers and bowls that will look great on your fall table or anytime of year.

4. Musical Instrument- You can make a musical instrument (such as maracas or shakers) out of filled dried gourds. Children especially like this craft idea and find it great fun to make musical instruments and decorate it themselves.

5. Decorate it- My favorite thing to do with gourds is to decorate it and display it as art. There is literally no end to the great ideas and creations you can come up with. You can go wherever your imagination takes you.

There are so many different types of gourd art. You can really have a great time painting, carving and designing gourds of all shapes and sizes.

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Gourd Art

I haven’t had the chance to post in a few days but I’m really excited to take some time and talk about gourd art for awhile. If you’ve never heard of it, gourd art is the practice of creating works of art on dried gourd shells. This art is based on a technique called pointillism.

In gourd art, the surface of the gourd may be burned, sanded, carved, dyed or polished to create a different look as well as to be able to paint and otherwise decorate the gourd. If you don’t want to prepare them yourself, you can purchase those that are already cleaned, smoothed and prepared for creatingfine art gourds.

Gourd art is similar to or a type of pyrography. Pyrography is the art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks. These burn marks are done intentionally with a hot object such as a poker. You may have also heard of it called pokerwork or wood burning.

When it comes to decorating gourds, there is no end to what can be created. There are as many types of artists as there are types of gourds and what they do with this craft is astounding. Gourd art is no longer considered just a craft but an actual art form that is featured in museums across the world.

In addition to the actual art and design that is made on the gourd itself, people are also stretching their imaginations and doing many other great things with gourd art. For example, they are making bird houses, bird feeders and many other creative things from gourds.

The best part about of using gourds for art is that anyone can do it. Even if you didn’t know what a gourd was before this, you can decorate your own special creation. I’m going to be talking more about this is upcoming blog posts as well as give you some information on how to make your own gourd art and how to find out more about famous gourd art so stay tuned.

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There is a cold snap crossing the nation right now and it seems no one can escape it. With weather this cold, it’s nice to have a warm home to retreat to. Isn’t it nice to be able to snuggle up in a warm blanket with a hot cup of cocoa and watch movies or read a book?

What are some ways you can make your home feel cozier and warmer through this winter weather?

1. Candles- Candles are a great way to warm up a room. The light and
2. Blankets, pillows and throws- Tossing a crochet throw or a cozy afghan across a chair back is a great way to warm up the look in your room. Add throw pillows to your couch or other details to warm it up.
3. Fireplace- If you have a fireplace, it can be a great centerpiece for a warm room in the wintertime. Aside from the heat it produces, just the image of the fireplace there creates feelings of warmth.
4. Trees and greenery- Adding plants (fake or real) to your room is a great way to warm up the atmosphere and remind you and your guests of the coming Spring.
5. Lighting- Turn down the wattage of your lights and lamps. Create more lighting (if you need it) but in softer tones. Frosted light bulbs or lower wattage bulbs help create this affect.

There are just a few tips to help you create a warmer home this winter season. Always be sure you use safety and caution with fireplaces and candles and don’t leave lit candles unattended. Remember that warm earthen tones are great for finishing off your look. Design a room that everyone will want to retreat to in this cold weather!

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Balance your home for a harmonious feel.

When it comes to home décor, just like in other aspects of our lives, we are happier and more comfortable when we find balance. Harmony and balance helps us enjoy a pleasing atmosphere and feel more at peace with the world and ourselves but finding that balance within our homes and our living spaces is not always easy.

If you are having trouble creating that balance in your home décor, know that you are not alone. Many home owners struggle with this. For years, people have tried to create balance while still having a homey, lived-in feeling in their homes. In the past, people thought they could create balance by having everything in their home in pairs. They had windows, doors and even furniture in pairs. People also believe that to create harmony, everything in the home must match.

Today we prefer to take a more relaxed approach to finding balance in our lives and in our homes. So how can you create a feeling of balance and harmony in your home décor?

Some ways in which you can do this are by using:

• Color
• Sizes
• Shapes
• Number
• Light
• Accessories

You can use dark colors to create more weight and light colors for less weight to create balance in your room. The height, depth and width of a particular object in your room will also have an impact on the balance of the room.

The mass of an object is another way to add balance to your room. Thin, fragile pieces will have less weight than larger, thicker objects. Placing objects in numbers or clusters is another way to balance the decor of the room. A group of several objects together in different sizes is a way to add weight to your room and balance off a look.

To truly master this technique involves “feel”. You have to have a bit of a sixth sense for it. Stand in the doorway to the room that you feel isn’t right somehow and really focus on what it is that you don’t like or that makes you feel uncomfortable. This will help you get a feel for what needs to be changed or moved.

Once you tap into this, it will become easier and easier to create rooms with balance and harmony that you just feel better being in!

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