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Did you know that decorating your home with flea market items is becoming very popular? It is a great inexpensive way to redecorate your home. If you are interested in this unique way of shopping, below are some suggestions that can help you have a pleasant experience while searching for exclusive exciting items.

Flea markets are a great place to go bargain shopping. The best way to start is by planning out your day. Have a list of flea markets that you want to visit and directions to their locations to save you time. Get an update on the weather so you will know if it is suppose to be hot and sunny, damp and drizzly or if you need to reschedule for another day.

If you plan on making a day of it you can take a small cooler with snacks and beverages. Be sure to include water to help keep you hydrated while out walking around, especially in the hot weather. Remember that you will be doing a lot of walking so don’t forget to wear clothing that is comfortable. This especially pertains to your shoes because you don’t want to end up with sore feet at the end of the day.

If you have specific areas of your home that you are shopping for, then it is a good idea to have the measurements of these areas. This way when you find an item that you like you don’t have to guess at whether or not it will fit. For example, say you are shopping for a dinning room set. If you know the measurements of the dinning area it will make it easier to find the set that will fit perfectly and look beautifully.

If you are looking for pieces that will match other items in your home be sure and bring something that will help you match colors. It can be a photo of the room or a piece of fabric or anything that matches the color you are searching for. If you are looking for breakable items such as mirrors then take along something to wrap these items in to help prevent breakage while transporting home. Odds are the seller won’t have anything you can use.

It is best to take cash with you when you go shopping at flea markets because many people prefer not to accept checks. However, make sure that you take small bills as most sellers want have change and it is not a good idea to flash big bills around for safety purposes.

Remember to always arrive early to get the best deals. Take time to look around and pay attention to all the items at hand and use your imagination. You will be surprised at some of the things that you can come up with when you are being creative. Most of all have a good time while out looking for items from flea markets to decorate your home.


Do you want your baby’s nursery to have that personal touch store-bought items can’t offer? Want to have a project you and your family will cherish for years to come? Need to decorate a baby’s nursery on a budget? Why not consider decorating your baby’s nursery with hand-crafted items?

Instead of buying an expensive crib bedding set with lots of pricey add-ons, design your own nursery theme. Whether you are a novice designer or an experienced home decorator, designing your own nursery with hand crafted design is fun and easy.

Fabric stores today offer many great options for baby quilts. Preprinted fabric with fun characters and designs are a good place to start. Or, if you want a more traditional quilt, try a baby nine patch block style quilt. If you cannot find a fabric that suits your style at the store, try an online store or even e-bay for many great vintage and hard to find styles. Quilt and baby bed bumper patterns are also available at fabric stores or online. Choose a pattern that suits your level of style and expertise. By making a baby quilt, you are not only creating a great decorative quilt for your baby to enjoy in the coming years, you are also creating a family heirloom.

For wall hangings, consider using cut outs from your preprinted quilt fabric. Or, if you went the more traditional route with a block style quilt, make a few extra blocks to hang on the wall. Another option is to print out fun cartoon characters or even family pictures and frame them in hand decorated frames. Get a few vintage buttons or beads and glue them the frame for a unique look. Fabric covered frames or designs created by stenciling on the frames are other good items. Hang the pictures on the wall in a unique design to add even more flair.

Curtains or valances will be an easy addition, too. Purchase extra fabric when you are making your other projects. Or, consider using a solid color to highlight one of the colors in the quilt or other décor. Simple curtain and valance patterns can be found online or at your local fabric store.

Other personal touches could include handcrafted lampshades and pillows, faux finished walls or even paint a unique mural to match the theme of the baby’s room. The possibilities are endless when you put your imagination to work!

Decorate baby’s nursery in a one of a kind style with handcrafted art and décor. The investment you make now will be cherished for years to come in the life of your baby and your family. You can also find some great baby decor items over at UDO for yourself or as gifts!


So many of us like to decorate. In fact, to at least some degree, every single person decorates their home. While some are more elaborate in their decorating than others, we all have “decor” of some sort in our homes and the rooms that we occupy. Some of these decorative items are intended with comfort or function in mind first- such as couches and other furniture but they are still a form of decoration as well and typically we choose our necessities based on our decorative tastes.

Have you ever really thought about why we decorate the way that we do? Since the days of cavemen drawing on their cave walls, people have been sprucing up their dwellings in some way or another. What are some reasons why people like to decorate their homes?

1. For form or function.
2. To hold memories.
3. To tell a story or share your family story/memories.
4. To express yourself.
5. To experiment with different tastes and trends.
6. To create nice visual appeal.
7. To show you appreciate art.
8. To surround yourself with things that you enjoy.
9. To celebrate beauty and art.
10. Because it is fun!

What are some reasons why you decorate your home? Why do you choose the decor that you choose? Share your decorating urges and inspiration with us here!


The style of your home or the theme it represents is very important to the overall look of your home and also the way you feel while inside. It is a known fact that if you are surrounded by things that you love that make you happy, then you will just naturally be in a better mood. Decorating the home with rustic décor or rustic country style has become extremely popular. These create a relaxing and pleasing atmosphere that can not be matched by any other décor.

When you decorate with rustic décor or rustic country style you will be using natural materials such as wood and stone along with antique items. The whole idea is to keep things simple so hardwood floors with oriental rugs qualify as a great example of rustic or country décor. Neutral colors are used when decorating that include earth tones like red, green, blue, brown, orange and beige.

Some decorative items that can be used to decorate rustic and country style are listed below.

• Plants
• Flowers
• Baskets
• Oil lamps
• Lanterns
• Candle holders
• Wrought-iron

When using rustic or country style décor in your kitchen you want to have open shelves and hutches that can display your collection of plates and glassware that go along with the whole theme. Pots and pans should be made form steel, cast iron or copper. Bathrooms can have clawfoot bathtubs and pedestal sinks with faucets made of brass. Bedrooms can be decorated with wrought-iron or wooden beds with matching dressers and nightstands. You want to stay away from bright floral designs so sofas and chairs for the living room should also be of neutral colors. Don’t forget about making sure your walls are painted with neutral tones colors as well.

Placing antiques and similar pieces all through the home adds to the atmosphere. You can use items such metal art, pictures, paintings, wall clocks, decorative wastebaskets, table ornaments and more to enhance the theme. Antique lighting also makes a big difference in the home when you are creating the rustic or country style décor. You can use table lamps, floor lamps, overhead lights or a combination of all three to get the look you desire. You can even add a hand-painted mailbox, welcome sign and door mat to really bring out the rustic or country style décor. All of these different items blended together fill your home with a nice comfortable décor that you will simply love. You can see many great unique rustic items at UDO everyday.


Would you like to be able to use your computer and find out about local arts and crafts shows that are taking place? Would you like and excellent craft resource to help you stay up to date on all the latest happenings in the arts and crafts world?

The Crafts Fair OnLine is an excellent resource to help you find all things craft related. They have listings for craft artists, craft publications, craft fairs and shows, crafting and art supplies and much more. They even have instructions for many crafts as well as message boards to help you get in touch with other crafters and artists. This is definitely a great site to check out if you are into the craft scene!


Are you searching for a new and exciting way to decorate your home? Using decorative accent tiles is one way that has become very popular through the years. In the past it was something that only the very wealthy could afford, but all that has changed now. Ceramic art tile is now for everyone. When you want to add an artistic touch to your home using these beautiful tiles is the best way to go.

Ceramic art tiles are original and perfect right down to the smallest detail. This makes them personal along with being decorative. You can choose from all types of designs that show your unique personality. You can take something that you love and want to keep forever and have it transformed into a painting onto ceramic tiles. These will never fade or become brittle like other items do, so you will always have a keepsake of your most treasured scenery or design.

They are a great way to turn a plain ordinary kitchen into a beautiful work of art. These tiles are so versatile that you can create any theme in your home that you desire. They are great for living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms as well. Pools and patio areas look fantastic when decorated with these wonderful pieces. Children love to brighten up their bedrooms using the exciting designs that can be created by contemporary tile art. You will love all the great comments your originality will receive.

The designs that you can find on ceramic art tiles includes all types of animals like birds and horses. Scenery such as sunsets, ocean waves and flowers are very popular. Many people like to create a loving mood for their bedroom with special romantic ceramic art tiles. You can also find Country scenes, Victorian, Southwestern designs and more, meaning there is something perfect for everyone’s taste.


What are ceramic art tiles? Hand crafted ceramic art tiles are a very unique and interesting way to decorate your home with style and personality. One thing for certain, is that they are elegant and beautiful. There are two types of art tiles. Some are pre-designed with decals consisting of all types of dramatic designs. The other type of ceramic art tiles consist of custom designs. Unique Décor Online has custom, original, hand crafted art tiles that you won’t find anywhere else.

When you are searching for a unique and exciting way to redecorate your home, ceramic art tiles definitely qualify. One quality that makes them so great is the fact that they are so versatile, meaning they are perfect for anywhere in your home. You can bring out the beauty of any kitchen and make it look more modern and exciting. Bedrooms, living rooms and even bathrooms seem to come alive with this amazing art. You can even use tile art for patios, sundecks and pool areas.

Ceramic art tile is now affordable for everyone to enjoy and even makes a great gift. They add a personal touch that stands out more than a picture or painting ever could. They show that you put thought into your décor and they can have special meaning for you and your family. They are durable so their beauty never seems end. Decorating your home with ceramic art tile can be the start of a new family tradition, something special that every generation can add to.

Ceramic tile art feature all types of designs such as nature scenes, animals, Victorian designs, ocean scenery and more. Whatever you choose, you are sure to be pleased with the result you get from decorating your home with decorative tiles.

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