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Face painting is fun, artistic and a great way to enhance your child’s party or cheer up your kids on a gloomy day. Children’s face painting can be messy but it’s easy to clean up and its well worth the smiles you will be creating. There are so many things that you can do when face painting. For example, you can draw cats, dogs, rabbits, ghosts, fairies or butterflies. You can simply paint one side of the face one color and the other side a different color. The options are as limitless as your imagination.

To help you get started, here are a few children’s face painting tips that can be very useful.

• Invest in quality paints. These can be more expensive but the quality is worth the extra money. They will go on smoother and wash off easier without irritating the skin.

• Create a good working area by having a chair for the kids to sit on, a table for your material and a mirror for viewing the finished product.

• Create a chart with the designs you can do and have it available so you won’t be asked to paint something you are not comfortable with. However, you need to practice other designs so you can increase your variety.

• Keep in mind that children with sensitive skin may break out no matter what quality paints you use. Therefore, take the time to find out if the child has sensitive skin before painting their face. If you are unsure you can try a small decoration at first until you find out.

• When covering the entire face in one color it is recommended that you use a sponge and let the first coat dry before applying another. It may be darker after it dries and too much paint will crack.

• Stencils make a great accessory for face painting, collect a few of these.

These tips will help you get started. Children’s face painting is fun and entertaining. It’s a joy to see the face of a child light up when they look at themselves in the mirror.

A Tutorial on YouTube:

Making jewelry out of polymer clay is growing in popularity very quickly. One method of making jewelry involves making beads and stringing them together. Polymer clay beads can be made in several different ways depending on how simple are sophisticated you want then to look.

To make polymer clay beads you need to start by gathering all of your tools together and get your clay ready to work with. Once you have everything together and laid out you are ready to begin.

Here are the directions for the simplest method of making beads out of polymer clay.

• Pinch off a small piece of clay and roll it into a log shape.
• Make the log the size you want the bead to be after it is finished.
• Take a sharp knife and cut the log into the thickness you want the beads to be.
• After you slice off the number of beads you need take another tool and punch a hole in the middle of the clay. This is so you can string the beads together.
• Fire the clay and your beads are ready to work with.

You can use different color clays to make a variety of beads or you can combine clays together to make your own unique colors. Either method provides you with an assortment of multicolored beads to use in the design of your jewelry.

If you want to spend more time on making beads for jewelry you can take very small pieces of polymer clay and shape them into any design you like. You can even buy plastic molds of hearts, stars and other shapes to use. All you need to do is make the individual shapes, put in the hole for stringing and you are ready for the firing and final touches. Polymer clay can be any shape or design that you like so be creative and try new things.

Glass art sculptures are some of the most beautiful decorations you will ever see. Their elegance can brighten up and enhance any type of décor and fill the home with a unique style and charm like nothing else can. They make excellent centerpieces and mantel displays that can be used in any room of the home.

Glass is a versatile material that can used to replicate almost any item into a glass art sculpture. The options available are amazing and may even surprise you when you see all the items these talented artist have created.

Here is a list of a few of the items that can be recreated through glass art sculptures:

• Animals
• Plants
• Buildings
• Figurines
• Fruit
• People
• Ornaments
• Jewelry
• Abstract Designs

Glass art sculpture designs are only limited by the imagination of the artist. These sculptures are designed from clear glass and from many different types of colored glass. They also range in a wide variety of prices. Some are very affordable making it possible for anyone to have an opportunity to own some of these pieces. However, others are so pricey and extravagant that they are displayed in galleries and museums.

If you are unfamiliar with glass art sculptures you should take some time to view the different options that are available. There are so many modern and beautiful pieces on the market that there is sure to be something to steal your heart away in a price range that you can afford. If sophistication and class is what you are searching for to decorate your home or office, then glass art sculptures are the perfect choice.

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of decorating by placing everything in a specific way to create a good balance in your life. The translation of Feng Shui means “wind and water”. The way you arrange the furnishing in your home is believed to create harmony and well-being in your life. It is a way to get in touch with nature to increase your health and prosperity.

When decorating with Feng Shui there are some basic rules that you will need to follow. Some of these are listed below.

• Choose the color of your home carefully because different colors affect your attitude, health and financial situation. For instance, yellow signifies longevity, red is the symbol of luck, green is growth and peace and white is the symbol of death. Of course, the different variations of each color will have their own unique energy.

• Keep your home free of clutter. This is especially true for doorways. A clutter home is said to hold in old and bad energy and it obstructs your path to fortune and happiness.

• Place your furnishings so you can see the door. Having your back to the door creates bad energy. If you must have your back to the door then you need to place a mirror in a position where you can still see the doorway.

• Use plants to enhance your décor and create harmony. The plants with round leaves are recommended.

• Avoid objects with sharp corners and extreme lighting overhead.

Following these few simple rules can help you create harmony in your life. The good energy that you create will help you prosper physically, financially and emotionally. It is a wonderful way to have a beautiful home and flourish in every aspect of your life.

    Buying gifts for family and friends can be both fun and difficult. You want to buy something they can use but at the same time you want it to be unique and special. Fortunately, there are many great unique gift ideas available for you to choose from that will be appropriate for any occasion.

    Are you searching for the perfect present for the Mom on your gift list? Then consider the Best Mom Wall Clock. This whimsical clock resembles a beautiful vase of flowers with the words “Best Mom of All Time” written across the vase. It is so lightweight it can be hung anywhere and the foam board material won’t crack or break.

    A unique and extraordinary gift that can be given to someone that has touched your heart in a special way is the Ceramic Heart – Kindness plaque. This beautiful gift is hand made from ceramic porcelain and designed in a variety of colors.

    The Flower Design Trinket Box is an exciting design of bright hues consisting of pink and green. The orange flower in the center of the box can brighten up any room while serving a useful purpose.

    When buying a gift for someone who has a love of western décor the Cowboy Ranch Gathering is an excellent choice. This western metal art displays the sprite of the west in a fashionable way.

    These unique gifts are great for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or any other special occasion. The options listed above are just samples of the many unique and wonderful gifts that are available.

On the topic of sand art, I found this great website that lets you create your own sand art right on your computer. It’s really cool and when you’re done, you can upload your creation to their gallery with just a couple clicks of the mouse.

Check it out here: This Sand

Young children are very active. They are learning so many different things such as dressing themselves, eating properly and being social. Everything that a child does is a critical part of his or her development and a very important part of their life. You hear a lot about crafts for young kids and how important it is to introduce them to making crafts but have you ever wondered why it is so important?

There are many benefits associated with introducing young children to crafts.

• Crafts help to inspire the imagination and creativity
• It keeps the child active and entertained in a positive way
• It encourages hobbies
• They make great family gifts
• Crafts provide a sense of accomplishment for the child
• It gives the parent a little extra free time

Crafts can be almost anything that you can imagine. For instance, kids can draw their own pictures and color them. They can cut pictures out of magazines and glue them on construction paper or put together a scrapbook. Making jewelry or macramé are crafts that children love. Even knitting and crocheting are excellent crafts for kids that help to build character.

Most of the time you can find everyday household items that can be used in craft making. Add some colorful construction paper, glue, crayons, paint or markers designed for children and who knows what you can come up with. You can also buy craft kits that can make specific designs by following simple easy directions.

Kids learn fast and the crafts they do today could turn into future hobbies they can always enjoy. Crafts help to build the character and self-esteem that children need to make it through this life. Help your child develop his or her creativity by introducing them to crafts at an early age.

Here’s an example:

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