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Decorating a toddler’s bedroom can be a challenge. You want to make it interesting and fun while keeping it safe for them to play. You also need to take into consideration that a toddler can be very destructive at times so, you need a design that can hold up to the abuse. The following tips should help you get off to a great start when taking on this exciting but sometimes frustrating project.

Tips for decorating a toddler’s bedroom:

  • Choose a theme but keep it simple. Don’t try to make a toddler’s bedroom too fancy or decorative. Usually choosing something from one of their favorite storybooks is a great idea.
  • Using paint instead of wallpaper is recommended because it would be easy for a toddler to rip down the wallpaper. It’s recommended that you choose a paint that can be easily cleaned with soap and water to reduce the number of times you’ll need to spend re-painting.
  • Don’t be afraid to be creative. Since most toddlers enjoy drawing on the walls, select a specific area of the room where your child is allowed to draw if he or she tends to get creative often. Make sure you explain that drawing on the wall is only allowed in that one section or you may find many pieces of artwork scattered all through the home.
  • Toddlers are very impressionable and can be scared easily. For this reason, don’t place anything in their room that could frighten them and make them feel uncomfortable. Choose happy themes and cartoon characters that make your child smile.
  • Don’t overcrowd your toddler’s bedroom with too much furniture. They will enjoy having extra space where they can play and allow their imaginations to take over.
  • Always keep safety in mind and make sure your toddler’s bedroom is free of dangers when decorating.

Toddlers enjoy exploring new things and they don’t understand or remember many safety rules. Therefore, you need to create an environment that gives them the freedom they desire while maintaining safety. You can accomplish this by using the tips listed above when decorating your toddler’s bedroom.

Redecorating your kitchen can be fun and exciting but it can also be very challenging. There are many decisions that you’ll have to make such as, how much storage space will you need and what color should the walls be? Most of the decisions will be based on your personal preferences and what will suit your family the best. However, there are a few common mistakes that many people make. These should be avoided if at all possible in order for your redecorating project to be successful.

5 common kitchen redecorating mistakes:

  1. Hanging onto things that you don’t need or that is old and outdated is a big mistake. These will hinder your success and prevent your kitchen from having a new modern look.
  1. Adding too many designs and styles to your kitchen will make it appear messy and cluttered. It’s best to stick with only two or maybe three different styles. It’s also important that you don’t buy too many items for your kitchen that you don’t really need. This will also make your kitchen cluttered and take up valuable space you need for other things.
  1. Not having enough light in the kitchen is a common mistake. Add extra lighting to make sure you have the amount of light needed to enhance your kitchen décor. It’s also recommended that you open up the curtains over the windows and let the sun shine in as much as possible.
  1. Purchasing a dinette set just for its looks is a bad decision. This could leave you with a beautiful but very uncomfortable seating arrangement. Since families spend so much time in the kitchen, you need to make sure the dinette set is comfortable and relaxing.
  1. Choosing the wrong type of flooring is another common mistake. When selecting the type of floor you want to use, it’s important that you check it for durability and make sure it’s made from a material that is easy to clean. Otherwise, you’re going to end up being disappointed in your choice.

Avoiding these common mistakes will make it possible for you to have a kitchen that you can truly enjoy and your redecorating project will be a complete success.

Having a clean comfortable space to sleep makes all the difference in the world. If your bedroom is filled with clutter, it can make it hard to fall asleep or rest peacefully. You may often find yourself lying in bed thinking of how you would like to rearrange your bedroom or trying to think of places to put all those extra clothes that won’t fit into your closet. These distractions can keep you from getting the sleep your body needs to stay healthy.

If your bedroom is neat and organized it will help you relax and feel more comfortable, contributing to a good night sleep.

Tips for keeping your bedroom clutter free:

  • Get rid of anything you don’t need. This includes furniture such as tables, nightstands, dressers and items to decorate the bedroom. If your bedroom is overcrowded with these items, it will make it difficult to keep it clean and organized.
  • Now it’s time to sort through your clothing and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit properly or that you no longer wear for whatever reason. Don’t forget to go through your shoes as well.
  • Organize your jewelry. If you have more jewelry than what will fit in your jewelry box, then you can always purchase a hanging jewelry organizer. These are inexpensive and work great.
  • Utilize all of your storage areas. For instance, take advantage of the space under your bed with horizontal storage containers. You can use a shoe rack to keep your shoes organized in your closet instead of scattered about. If you have a corner in your bedroom that looks empty, you can use decorative storage containers to fill the area and add more storage space in your bedroom.
  • Take the time to make-up your bed each morning and put away all clothing. This helps to keep your bedroom looking organized and clutter free.

Using these tips will provide you with an easy and inexpensive way to get rid of the clutter and turn your bedroom into the perfect sanctuary where you can be relaxed and sleep comfortably.

Today everything is about nature.  The trendy colors are all borrowed from nature, and textures, patterns, prints, and accessories all represent the outdoors and celebrate the growing awareness of protecting our environment.

Your home should be full of fresh cut flowers in clear vases, and live plants, potted in terra cotta, or in wicker baskets.  Place mats of bamboo or jute, or linen are replacing plastic and other synthetics. Pressed flowers and leaves can be framed and hung in wooden frames. Take some beautiful photos of the great outdoors, and frame those, too.

Those wonderful tall glass pasta canisters make wonderful and colorful decorative pieces when filled with seashells, small colorful stones, acorns, even nuts in the shell. Or fill them with water, a few goldfish, and some tall fresh cut flowers!

There are so many little things you can do:

  • Driftwood can be part of a flower arrangement, be wired and used as a lamp, or be the base of a glass-topped coffee table.
  • Take a few thin branches off of shrubs and young trees.  They make beautiful fresh arrangements on their own, or work beautifully as filler for flower arrangements
  • Paper one wall with a natural grasscloth paper.
  • A basket of gourds mixed with pine cones, can decorate a dresser, mantle, or dining table.
  • A small clear bowl of water with petals from the flowers in your yard, will lend a faint sweet smell and a decorative touch to your bathroom counter.

These ideas will not only be budget friendly, but also make a statement about being environmentally aware.

The Italian home is warm, friendly, colorful and comfortable.  It’s the kind of home where you expect to see a busy kitchen, smell good cooking, and see colorful food items everywhere you look.  Decorations on a countertop or in a shelf may well be something simple like a large jar of green olives, or a huge sealed glass bowl of whole lemons, soaking in olive oil.  The table may have a huge bowl of grapes centered on it.

Walls will be painted in earthy tones, not too light, and textured, rather than smooth. There should be crown moldings in the dining room at the very least. Paintings of vineyards,  and still lifes of food groupings will brighten up the walls. And somewhere there will be a wine rack and a tray of wine glasses.

If there is a sunny window with a deep sill, it should have terra cotta planters filled with fresh Italian herbs.  Not only will they be used for cooking, but the fresh, spicy smells of basil, oregano, dill, and rosemary will add a bit of Italian scent to the room.

Colorful, flowery, overstuffed furniture with cheerful throws casually tossed over an arm or a back will make visitors feel instantly welcome. Doilies under a lamp, a candy dish, or on the arms of a chair, are of finely crocheted lace. Low footstools that can be easily moved to accommodate aching feet, show your concern for the comfort of your guests.

There is simply nothing as colorful, comfortable, and welcoming as a busy, Italian style home!

Have you ever considered turning your guest room into a lovely indoor garden?  Picture this…walls and ceiling painted sky blue, with a few fluffy clouds.  Green carpeting, or a hardwood floor with a green soft area rug. White, or light stained furniture will go well.

The focal point will be the bed!  You need a piece of picket fence, the width of your bed, and painted white.  Nail it to the wall at a good height, adding posts and caps to the ends.  You might prefer to use a tall trellis, instead, but make sure it fans out to the width of your bed.  Now comes the fun part.  Buy long strings of artificial ivy or other climbing vines, and weave them in and out of your fence or trellis.

Your bedspread or quilt should be something bright and colorful.  Perhaps a large daisy print, or lilacs…whatever flower that goes with the colors your prefer for the room.  Now add a few artificial flowers to your vines by wiring them on with thin floral wire.  A few butterflies might be a nice touch.

To accessorize, you might want to use a watering can or a birdhouse as a planter, hang a sun catcher or soft wind chime of hummingbirds in the window,  Or hang a wicker birdcage with a colorful bird high in a corner of the room. A basket of walnuts and acorns on the dresser with a small squirrel eyeing it from the windowsill or the headboard post, will complete this charming garden look.

Loft living has become the trendy new way of living for the yuppies living in urban areas who want to be in the thick of the local hotspots, restaurants, and chic shops. It is quite a change from the once cheap housing that artists resided in, using them for both studio and living space.

What hasn’t changed is the open floor plan, large windows, high ceilings (often with open ductwork), concrete floors, and exposed pipes.  But where they used to be apartments hacked out of old warehouses, the loft home of today is often a new free standing structure.  Because the only inside walls are usually the ones framing the bathroom, decorating can be a real challenge.

Area rugs, furniture groupings, and screens call all be used to define your space.  Bookcases, ottomans, trunks, and storage pieces are needed in each grouping for storage purposes.  Armoires will be needed for hanging clothes. Draperies can be used to offer some bedroom privacy.

Large, colorful graphics go well to take some of the starkness out of this décor.  Accessorize with soft, bold throw pillows and afghans to add some coziness to the look.  Separate a dining area from a sitting area with large, leafy plants or a see through bookcase. Use  alternate shelves in the bookcase for storage of dining room  items, and books or games.

And don’t forget the importance of your lighting.  This, too, will designate and design your groupings.  Make sure that there is plenty of task lighting as well as dramatic mood lighting.

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