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The Internet is probably one of the quickest and easiest ways to promote your art, yet there are many artists and designers who still hesitate to use this advertising method. The problem is that the ‘old traditional’ methods like slides, advertising in magazines, making negatives or taking photographs cost a considerable amount of time and money and there still is no guarantee that your goods will sell. This is why the Internet is the best place to put your ad, photograph, articles as you can compete with the big names with a very limited budget.

With use of the internet, an artist can easily show their latest piece of art by sending an e-mail to friends, art galleries, past customers and even prospective buyers. Instant communication is a huge benefit of the internet, so make sure you use it you sell your art work,

Online auctions are an already set up advertising avenue teaming with customers who are ready to buy. On of the large online auction houses is eBay. eBay has thousands of customers world wide who are just waiting to buy ‘that perfect piece’.

An online catalogue adds another dimension to your marketing mix. You have more control as you can include images, captions and a brief write up of all your pieces in one place. However you must remember that this is not just a once off process. Any experienced website promoter will tell you that you need to update your information on a regular basis. This ensures you site looks fresh, customers stay interested and search engines continue to display your site.

Once your catalogue is ready to ‘go live’ you will need to find a reputable website related to your field, to upload your catalogue. The internet is very large and no matter what type of art you wish to sell, there will be at least one authoritative site. You need to be listed on this site as this is where your prospective clients currently search for new pieces to add to their collection.

If the site has message boards or forums you should also consider joining in the discussion. The more times you voice your opinions in the forum, the more you will be considered an expert in your field and people will actually start to seek you out.

As with any form of advertising, the internet does take some time and/or resources to get started, however as there is a world wide audience your actual customer base is far larger than just your local market. This is just a few of the reasons it is imperative you use the internet to promote your products.

I have been successfully selling my arts and crafts for a number of years. Since I began this journey I have had many relatives and friends wanting to know the secret to my success.

To help you out I have reviewed all the different art selling courses and put together my top list of what I think are the best programs available today and the one that actually helped me to succeed.

This course will help you to Immediately Make a Full Time Living! Selling Your Artwork, No Matter What Type of Artist You Are

Anne Coster

Full time artist

Kids gather so many coloring books, magazines, activity books, and so on.  Why not make a project for yourself and the kids by making holders for them as a family project?  Save a couple of cereal boxes (one for each kid), and cut off the top flaps.   Then cut the boxes down about halfway at one edge of the wide part of the box.  Go to the other side of it and cut from the top corner on the angle down to where you stopped cutting.  This leaves a triangular opening in the box, which makes it easy to reach in and pull out your books.

Now turn the kids loose with construction paper, water colors, crayons, marking pens, stickers, rubber stamps, or even glue and buttons.  You know, anything that kids would play with in the crafts area.  When the storage boxes get ragged or torn, have them make a few more!

For all those small matchbox cars, toy soldiers, little animals, or toy jewelry, take stackable plastic containers, spray paint them to match the children’s rooms, and make cute labels in big print for each box, with a small picture of what the printing says.  Now the kids have a great place to store things, and they also are learning to recognize words!  While you’re at it, have them count the toys as the toss them into the containers.
If you have storage shelves in the room for the kids that are always to full to neatly put things away, extend the storage area by making pouches out of heavy fabric and nailing them onto the sides of the shelves.  They can store all kinds of things in them!

Many homes, especially the older ones, have unique and interesting architectural features.  It could be an unusual archway, built in bookcases, gorgeous carved moldings, a precious window seat, or a cavernous fireplace with a heavy oak mantle.  Whatever it is, make it the focal point of your room, and decorate to show it to advantage.  Don’t ignore what’s special about your home!

You can accent that unusual archway by standing a statue, tall plant, or perhaps a grandfather clock next to it.  If it is unusually wide, you might like to hang a soft fabric drapery, inside mounted and tied back  to the sides of the arch.

Highlight the bookcases with contrasting color, or if they are natural wood, with a glossy oiled finish.  Spot light various groupings within the shelves.  Intersperse books with curios, candles, plants, vases, or small collections.

Beautiful crown moldings look even better when you have fabulous wall art to go with them!

Whether that window seat is in your living room, bedroom, or a family room, you can still create a wonderful little reading or crafting nook out of it.  Picture this…soft cushions for sitting, a pillow at either end to rest on, and a tiny chest at one end.  Put your book, magazines, or craft items in it.  At the other end have a ceramic dog or cat curled up on the floor… or a basket of yarn balls.

Your conversation grouping should embrace that magnificent fireplace.  A plush area rug, a couple of ottomans in front of the fireplace, and a sofa facing it, along with either a couple of chairs or small love seats on either side will be perfect.

The bathroom can be one of the hardest rooms in the home to decorate. This is especially true if you’re renting and not allowed to make many changes or if you live on a tight budget. Still, it is the one room in the home that is shared by every family member and guest so, you want it to be as decorative as the rest of the home. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to take care of this problem.

Decorate your bathroom with these simple tips:

  • Paint the walls. Even if you’re renting most owners won’t object to a fresh coat of paint, as long as you check with them first.
  • Organize the cabinets or shelves to ensure you’re getting the most from the space you have.
  • If storage space is limited, consider adding decorative shelves that set around and over the toilet. These add style and space to your bathroom.
  • If you have a window in your bathroom, use curtains to brighten things up instead of just blinds.
  • Make sure you have enough lighting even if you have to add lights. If you have the room you can place a simple stand up lamp in a corner.
  • Invest in a new shower curtain and matching bathroom rug set. These can completely change the appearance of your bathroom without making any major changes.

These are simple tips that can make a huge difference in your bathroom décor without spending lots of money. Plus, they’re things that you can do even if you’re renting.

Many people tend to neglect their bathrooms when it comes to décor. This may partly be due to the fact that keeping the bathroom clean is their number one concern. Still, bringing out the beauty in your bathroom will make it more comfortable and appealing for everyone.

Coin collecting is a fun and intriguing hobby that is enjoyed by many people all over the world. Not only can it be interesting but it can also be very profitable depending on the type of coin collecting you decide to do. Collector coins vary in worth depending on their age and the history they represent. Obviously, the rarer a coin is, the more it will be worth.

It’s easy to find a wide selection of coins to collect but it can be much harder to find ones that are of value. Every collector will agree that knowing where to look for coins is the hardest part but it can also be the most fun. Some of the best places to find collector coins include coin fairs, shows and auction houses. They can also be found at historical sites.

Tips for coin collecting:

  • If you’re new at coin collecting, start off slowly and carefully.
  • Choose a particular era in which you would like to concentrate your efforts to narrow down your search and make it easier for you to get started.
  • Inspect and validate the coin to make sure it’s an original.
  • Get the opinion of an expert anytime you’re not sure the value of a coin.
  • Don’t clean the coins excessively as this could reduce their value.

It’s important to keep in mind that coin collecting is not a hobby that is done quickly. It takes years to gather together a good collection but that’s one of the things that attract so many people. It’s a hobby that you can continue to do your whole life. Some of the coins that you collect when you first begin this hobby may not be worth a lot at the time. However, this could change and they could increase in value over the years.

Don’t underestimate the power of “stuff.”    Back in the post war days, we all did it, and now, it is again the rage.  The secret to being successful at it is in keeping an open mind, and looking at things not only as they are, but as they could be.  For example:

  • Somebody sent you a post card with a beautiful scene on it.  Or perhaps it was a greeting card.  It might have been a calendar with gorgeous reproductions of the masters. Go shopping at a garage sale or a flea market for some old picture frames.  They are cheap, and you can always toss our the picture it came with.  If you’re lucky, some of them will have matting that is in decent shape.  The worst scenario is that you will have to pay for a new matting to make the picture you saved fit properly in the frame you got for next to nothing.  You might also have had to spray paint the frame.  And you have a gorgeous picture to hang for next to nothing.
  • For a side table, lit cabinet, or a shelf you want to fill, pick up some glass objects of varying sizes, colors and shapes. Let them all have some connecting theme…either color, vintage, topic.  These items can be had for little money at garage sales, thrift shops, and so forth.
  • Gather different kinds of teapots or salt/pepper shakers, and display them on a high wooden shelf around your room.
  • For a border around your family room or kid’s room, collect different kinds of old hats and space them evenly.  Easier to hang than wallpaper borders, and probably far cheaper at the yard sale, they will be fun for visitors to look at.

It is time to explore a new style of decoration for your home.  Have you ever considered the Moroccan look?  This type of decorating uses lots of bright color, exciting fabrics, and unique, heavy furniture. While you could hardly describe it as tranquil, with its strong colors and style, it is relaxing and comfortable, and never, ever boring! No wonder it is so loved by poets, artists, and free thinkers!

Color and texture are everything to this theme, stealing its colors from the Mediterranean and the desert sunsets.  Fabrics and mosaics are splashed with the blues and greens of the sea, and the fiery reds, oranges, and golds represent the setting desert sun.  Mirrors are sprinkled everywhere to add even more sparkle and excitement to the room.

Furniture is large, heavy, comfortable, and made of leather with arms and legs that are gilded.  Table tops and mirror frames are in colorful mosaics. Fabrics are mixed, with prints, scenes, and even geometrics used both for upholstery, curtains, and as throws over tables, storage chests, and chairs.  They can be made of exquisite silks, or even from wool and leather.  Tapestries hang from the walls.

Lamps can be made of leather or wool, hammered out of metal, or carved out of wood, with shades of vibrantly patterned silk. Pillows of all sizes, textures, and shapes, should be in abundance.  Beautifully intricate and colorful rugs of wool or silk, with heavy silk braided fringe should be used to designate your various seating areas.

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