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Termites are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. They invade your home, live in the walls, floor and attic. They do significant damage to your property that can cost you a fortune. The worst part is that serious damage can be done before you even know they’ve invaded your home. For this reason, it’s important to know a little about termites and how to look for signs that your home may be infested.

Listed here are the three main types of termites found in the United States:

  1. Subterranean Termites – This is the most common termite in the US and they’re brown and black. They live deep underground and millions of these tiny litter creatures could be living underneath your lawn and you wouldn’t even know it. They draw moisture out of the ground where they live but they will feed on the wood in your home until it’s destroyed.
  2. Formosan Termites – These are a light brown to a reddish color and they were introduced in the US from the Orient. This termite is very aggressive and they infest and live in the wood of your home. In fact, they are so aggressive they could easily destroy a small house in less than a year.
  3. Drywood Termites – The drywood termite is a red or light brown color and since they don’t need as much moisture as the subterranean termite, they tend to make their home in the wood and other materials used in your home. They can do a lot of damage and they’re not usually detected until it’s too late, unless you begin remodeling your home and notice the damage.

All three of these termites are very small creatures with four large wings, they’re transparent and their antennae will be straight. They are so small that it’s hard to detect them unless you’re searching for them.

There are different treatments for each type of termite and they are listed below:

  • Subterranean termites – Use soil treatments and bait treatments.
  • Formosan termites – Use fumigation for the most effective treatment.
  • Drywood termites – Fumigation is the most effective treatment for this type of termite.

A method called “microwave treatments” is very effective in killing termites that live in your walls. It’s called this because a flat but large microwave machine is actually put next to the walls and it will kill any termites inside the walls when it’s turned on.

If you treat the wood in your home you can help to prevent termites from entering in the first place. Use this in conjunction with bait and soil treatment and you should be able to protect your home from these nasty little creatures.

Signs of an infestation:

  • Small holes in the siding of your home
  • Mud tubes
  • Rotting wood
  • Stains on the ceiling and walls

If you believe that your home may be infested by termites, it’s vital that you get it treated. There are many pest control services that can take measures to eliminate these pesky little creatures and reclaim your home. However, don’t forget to keep a check on your home in the future. Termites can re-infest your home at any time.

Halloween is getting closer and closer and you still have not found the perfect costumes for your family.  This can be a difficult decision and trying to get the entire family costumes that match.  There are ways to do this that can be fun for the entire family.  One great family costume idea is going as the Adams Family or the Munsters.

These are two famous scary families that offer costumes for Mom and Dad along with the kids.  If there are more than two children, one can go as cousin it by wearing a fur coat with a long wig worn backwards.   Mom can dress up as Morticia and Dad as Gomez.  Wednesday and Pugsly are going to make up the rest of the family.  You can even get more creative by having a box with a hand in it to represent Thing, the hand that answers the phone and does stuff for the family.  This is easy to make with a box and a severed hand that can be purchased at any Halloween supply store.

The Munsters are another of the famous scary television families.  There are enough characters that the entire family can get involved.  Mom and Dad can dress up as Lily and Herman with the children dressing up as Grandpa, Eddie and Marilyn.  These costumes can easily be made at home with just a few supplies from the Halloween supply store.  Get some black hair spray and black clothes with white and red face paint and you are done.  Dress your daughter as Marilyn by getting a retro 60’s style dress and you are done and ready to go out as a family on Halloween!

This year, are you looking for great ways to celebrate Halloween at home? There are many fun activities and sights to see when you go out for the frightful holiday but sometimes there are situations where you just can’t. Maybe you have a sick child or a family member you need to be home with. Maybe the weather is bad this year and you just don’t feel safe going out.
Then there are some people who just don’t want to go out on Halloween. Some people prefer to stay at home or maybe your children are older now and they don’t want to go out or they go out with friends and leave you the parents at home. You still want to celebrate so what can you do? Here are some ideas.
Here are 5 ways you can celebrate Halloween at home:
1. Bake some frightful snacks or cookies together as a family and have fun decorating them and then eating them.
2. Dress up and hand out Halloween candy from your home. Remember to turn on the porch light so trick-or-treaters know you’re home. Some people even enjoy decorating the porch or front lawn.
3. Stay in and watch your favorite scary movies. If you’re not a scary movie fan, just pick some great movies you do like and pop up some popcorn.
4. Make Halloween or fall crafts. Spend some time with the kids making crafts you can give away or decorate your home with.
5. Have a party and invite your friends and family over. Instead of going out, you can have everyone over to your place.
You can use these tips and ideas if you’re spending this Halloween at home with your family. You don’t have to go out to have fun on the holiday because these great ideas don’t require going anywhere. Have a happy Halloween!

It can be difficult to choose a Halloween costume that fits your personality as well as is fun. Many people dread when Halloween comes around because that means that it is time to decide what you want to be. There are so many costume options, but figuring out one that is going to look good and be perfect is very difficult.

One of the things you can do to get the perfect costume is to go online and see all the choices that are available. This can give you some ideas and maybe you can find a costume that you can either purchase from the site, or make from scratch. There are the basic costumes that everybody is familiar with, but there are many more creative ideas as well.

Another way you can choose a Halloween costume is by looking at what is relative in the media today. Who is popular? You can go very simple, for instance, by placing a huge pillow under your shirt and going as the infamous Octomom. Others may want to get very creative and pick a movie or book character as the basis of their costume. Grab some sparkles and go as a vampire from Twilight.

It is not going to be hard to find mask of President Obama. Of course it does not take as much imagination to wear a mask as it does to make a costume from scratch. No matter what, keep in mind that Halloween is supposed to be fun. Just when you think the perfect costume can not be found, you are going to find it!

Many sports fans would like to have a room that is dedicated to watching their favorite teams in.  It can be fun decorate a game room with team logos and colors.  There are some really cool ideas and designs that are going to help you get started on a game room that you can add memorabilia to later down the road.

  • Use Team Colors to Paint the Room – Many paint and DIY stores stock the actual colors that your team uses for their logos.  All you need to do ask the paint specialist who is working if they have your team’s colors in stock.  If you live in the same area that your team’s plays, chances are they have it in stock.  If not, they are going to have to mix it for you.
  • Make a Stencil of Your Team’s Logo – You can paint the actual team logo on your wall with the custom paint colors.  You can do this by creating a stencil that you can trace onto the wall and then just paint it in.
  • Purchase Rugs and Blankets with Your Team’s Logo – You can use the rugs and blankets to cover the floor and furniture.  If you have the funds, you can purchase couches, chairs and other furniture that come in the team’s colors along with the logo.  Not many people can afford this so the blankets are going to act as decoration for the couch and chairs.

Those who want a room where they can show their appreciation for their favorite team are going to love these tips for a sports room.  If you have a loved one who is a sport fanatic, surprise them with a decorated room in their team’s colors.  They are going to love it!

All children have fantasy characters and times and places that they adore.  Whether they are a boy or a girl, kids are going to love having a wall mural on their room.  This mural can portray anything your child is interested in.  They are going to feel like they are in another world when they have a wall mural to look at and enjoy.

There are many artists who have dedicated their art careers on doing wall murals in homes.  One of the most popular rooms to have a wall mural painted on is the children’s room.  Children just love having these life size paintings on their wall.

If your child loves medieval times, you can have a castle and some knights and dragons as the theme for the wall mural.  You can go two ways with this.  You can make it look like it is a cartoon, or you can have it painted to look realistic and true to life.

Some children have favorite video games that they like to play.  You can have a scene from their video games as the main topic of the wall mural.  You can even have them painted into the scene wearing their favorite characters clothes and made to look like a cross between the character and your child.

There is no end to the ways a wall mural can transport your child to another time, continent or even places not of this world.  The only limitation is your or your child’s imagination.

Ask almost any American elementary student why the Country celebrates Columbus Day and they will immediately recite “In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” Historically, this is true. Christopher Columbus did set sail in 1492 in order to discover new lands for the King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. The sailing party consisted of three ships: the Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria. Columbus had sailed to far away lands before including Guinea and Iceland. In this trip, it was the aspiration of Columbus to discover the East Indies. When Columbus spotted the new lands, Columbus thought that he had, in fact, reached the East Indies; which are a group of islands located off of the coast of Southeast Asia. Instead, Columbus had came ashore in the Bahamas, and later Cuba and Hispaniola (now known as Haiti); all of which are off of the coast of the Americas – a long way from his original target.

The first official Columbus Day celebration was held in Colorado in 1905 and after 1920 the celebration became an annual event. There were, however, many less official Columbus Day celebrations held before the State of Colorado declared the official holiday. For example, one of the first recorded celebrations of Columbus Day was a ceremony held in New York City in 1792. The Columbian Order organized the occasion to honor Christopher Columbus and the 300th anniversary his landing in the islands of the Bahamas. The 1866 the Italian population of New York City sponsored another celebration of Columbus Day on October 12th. This celebration was based upon Columbus’ discovery of Americas. This movement within the Italian-American population spread across the country and in 1869 a similar celebration called “C-day” was held in San Francisco.

President Benjamin Harrison had a commemorative Columbus Day holiday in 1892 which was intended to honor the 400th year anniversary of the voyage. In 1937 President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed that October 12 would be known as Columbus Day. The October 12th date was changed in 1971 when Congress made Columbus Day a Federal public holiday that occurs the second Monday of October regardless of the date.

Recent years has brought about a great deal of controversy regarding Columbus’ expedition and the discoveries he made – especially in light of the clear miss of the targeted area of exploration and the natives of the Bahamas region being turned into slaves. However, as a direct result of Columbus’ attempt to discover the East Indies, scholars were able to gain a better understanding of just how large the Earth really was. Additionally, Europe and Spain became exposed to the Americas which resulted in trade opportunities and colonization of the new world – opportunities that still act like a beacon that draws people from all over the world to the Americas today.

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