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Brighten Your Home with Simple Decorating Ideas

Posted on: March 24, 2010

Often times people discover a renewed interest in decorating and improving their homes in the spring. Winter can lead to a lack of decorating, or just spending so much time indoors that you tire of your décor and begin dreaming of ways to lighten and brighten your mood through. Brightening your home is a sure way to make sure that your home feels as light and welcoming as you do. Even if you have to be somewhat frugal you can still brighten your home with these simple decorating ideas. Many of these ideas can be completed for less than 50 dollars.

Paint- Your home will look fresh and new with a bright summery color on the walls. Even painting kitchen cabinets can give the whole room a face lift. Tables and chairs can often be painted to change the entire feel of a room.

Trim Additions- A wallpaper border or stenciled border or flowers or beach scenes can turn a room into a bright and seasonally friendly place.

Plants- Houseplants are not only healthy to have around they also make the house seem bright and airy. Adding a few houseplants can provide a tropical atmosphere and a homey feel to any room.

Curtains- Light, and light colored window treatments let in sunlight and give any room an open airy feel that is bright and friendly feeling.

When the winter doldrums are ready to be swept out the door as spring sets in; you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to brighten up your home to match your springtime mood.  All it takes is a bit of time and some “bright” ideas.


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