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The flooring in a room can change the whole appearance and it’s one of the first things noticed when you walk into a room. There are several different options to choose from such as hardwood floors, vinyl, tile and carpet. Out of these you have thousands of options so, how do you choose the right flooring for your home? Start by asking yourself the following questions.

  • What type of lifestyle do you have? If you’re busy and don’t have a lot of time for cleaning then you need something that doesn’t take up a lot of time. Some flooring requires higher maintenance than others.
  • Do you have children and pets in the home? If so, you need something that’s going to be durable enough to withstand the heavy traffic.
  • Which room are you buying the flooring for? Some styles and certain types of flooring are better suited for bedrooms while others are better suited for the kitchen and family rooms. For instance, carpeting may be fine for the bedrooms but a vinyl or tile might be better for heavier traffic areas.
  • What style décor do you have or plan to have throughout your home? It’s important to choose something that will enhance the rest of the décor not take away from it.

The flooring will help set the atmosphere of the room while dramatically enhancing your décor. Since this is a big investment it’s not something that you’ll want to change often. Therefore, it’s important to take your time and choose wisely. There are many options to pick from that vary in price and style so finding something that suits your taste and your budget is possible. It just takes patients and a little shopping around.

The family room should have a nice relaxing feel to it. This is where you gather together and spend time doing things as a family. It doesn’t matter if you watch movies, play board games or just sit around and talk, the décor can make this time together more relaxing and comfortable. One of the main things that influence the atmosphere within a room is the walls.

This is why choosing the right color to paint the family room is so important. The color of the walls will have an effect on the overall feeling of the room and the mood of your family. The following tips for choosing the right paint color for your family room can help you make a great choice.

  • Take into consideration the color of the tile, carpet and furniture when trying to decide which paint color will look the best.
  • Glossy finishes will reflect more light but if you’re trying to hide imperfections, a flat or matte finish may work better.
  • Darker colors can be used for large spaces and work well with neutral colored furniture.
  • Cool colors such as blue, green and purple will make a room appear more spacious.
  • Neutral shades such as yellow, brown, gray and off-white add color without over-powering the room. This is a good choice if you have brightly colored furniture.
  • Pick up paint chips to compare the different colors and view them in a variety of light to help you decide which one looks the best. The light in your family room changes constantly depending on the time of the day or night, the type of lighting you use and whether or not the sun is allowed to shine through the windows during the day.

The walls in your family room can be the core element for your overall color palette or used as a backdrop for the furniture and accessories. The first decision that you’ll have to make is how you want the walls to fit into the overall design and this will give you an idea of how bold you can go.

Don’t get in a hurry when picking out your paint color. It’s always a good idea to choose two or three of your favorite colors and buy a pint of each. Paint one section of the wall with each color and this will make it easy to do a comparison so you can make the best choice for your family room.

Bring a little of the springtime indoors with unique and stylish indoor water fountains. They make great accessories for any home décor and have grown in popularity over the years. Due to the unique form of Feng Shui decorating, many people now enjoy all the benefits that indoor fountains have to offer. It’s believed that the flow of the water fills your home with a positive essence which will enhance your life in many ways.

5 reasons to decorate with indoor water fountains:

  1. The sound of water can help you relax and it can even help some insomnia patients fall asleep faster and rest more peacefully.
  2. Indoor fountains act as a natural humidifier by adding moisture to the air. This can help eliminate some of the symptoms that allergy sufferers deal with and it also helps to replenish dry skin.
  3. They give your home an artistic appeal while soothing the mind, body and soul.
  4. They come in so many different sizes, styles and prices that it’s easy to find something to suit your taste and your budget perfectly.
  5. According to the rules of Feng Shui, placing the indoor water fountain in specific locations throughout the home will bring prosperity, wisdom and harmony into your life. Place your indoor wall fountain near the southeast wall for prosperity, northeast for knowledge, southwest for relationships and north for your career.

Even though many people find the sounds of the water trickling through the fountain to be soothing, it may have the opposite effect on others. If you’re a light sleeper and the sound of water disturbs you, this doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of all the benefits associated with indoor fountains. Simply choose your placement careful and move it far enough away from the bedroom that you won’t be able to hear it when you’re sleeping.

It’s important to keep up the regular maintenance on your indoor water fountain to ensure it continues running smoothly for a very long time. This way, you can continue to enjoy both the benefits and the beauty they add to your décor.

Putting away clothes is a challenge when you have way too many t-shirts and other items to fit into your drawers. With a stuffed closet the idea of hanging all of those shirts up is a real laugh riot. So you are forced to find some creative folding methods to store your clothes.

These methods work for storing clothes for a season as well, from packing away sweaters to storing shorts you can simply use creative folding tips to make your clothes fit into the smallest space possible.

T-Shirts: Flip sleeves toward the middle and then fold the shirt in half to create the basic fold that you find in stores. This is a flat fold and makes stacking easy. To further compress the shirt you can either fold it in half again or roll it tightly from the bottom for storage.

Jeans and Pants: Fold the waistline in half and straighten the center leg seams. Lay the pants flat and fold in half from top to bottom once or twice to have stackable jeans. To compress pants for storage, start at the waistband and roll instead of folding.

Shorts: Fold in half and the fold over from top to bottom. This will leave you with a folded square of material. Shorts tend to lie flat and take up less top to bottom storage space when simply stacked on top of each other.

Socks: Rolled or folded socks can be stacked and even crammed into a storage area.

Bras: These provide a special challenge with cups that could be crushed or crumpled and never fit right again. Storing bras to save space is actually pretty easy. Fold the bra in half and push one cup into the other. This means that one will be correct and the other will be cupped the wrong way. Tuck the straps into the concave area of the cups and stack bras on top of each other to keep from crushing the cups.

Folding your clothes creatively is the key to making the most of your drawer and storage space.

While we all want our homes to be beautiful and stylish, some of us may be a bit challenged when it comes to choosing décor items. To relieve the stress and worry of creating your décor piece by piece it is quite simple to put together a room by choosing a décor set. Décor sets provide fool proof style for your home in many ways.

Décor sets often include a wallpaper border, wall hangings, rugs and other items of use for any room in your house. One of the most detailed and full décor sets tend to be for bathrooms. A bathroom décor set will provide you with perfectly coordinated rugs, shower curtain, window curtains, wastebaskets, toothbrush holders, soap holders, toilet covers, soap holders and many times even have coordinating towel and washcloth sets and wall pictures.

With a décor set you have a wide selection of colors and styles to choose from while knowing that no matter which one you choose, someone who knows more than you do about decorating has coordinated the pieces and you will have a well thought out stylishly decorated home.

You can find décor sets in all different price ranges so that decorating on a budget is very possible and doesn’t mean skimping on any one area of the décor. Don’t expect to necessarily find everything packaged together, but most décor sets have a name, and all coordinating pieces will have the name on their label as well. This makes department store decorating quick and easy, and allows you to purchase items from the set one at a time if need be.

Everyone can seem like an expert interior decorator with décor sets. No matter what your budget is, or how color blind you may be, you can choose complementary pieces to fill your home by simply looking for a name on a label.

Every woman knows that shoes are a hassle to store. If you line them up along the floor of your closet they get knocked over and mixed up, many times buried underneath others. If you are like me and collect shoes you probably have way too many pairs of shoes. Shoes are a special storage challenge for women because of the many different styles that affect how they are stored.

Boots are tall and tend to fold over when sat in a closet. Heels tend to fall over when sat in a closet; sneakers take up room and don’t sit neatly beside heels. Generally speaking if you simply line up your shoes they look messy and unkempt. There are several solutions for shoe storage that all women should check out.

Over the door hangers: These handy sheets with pockets for shoes to fit in hang over your closet door taking shoes up and out of the way. This solution is handy for flat shoes, flip flops, light tennis shoes, and slippers, but definitely not ideal for boots or heels.

Under bed Shoe Storage: Similar to the over the door hanger the under bed shoe storage container is basically a box with dividers in it for you to place pairs of shoes into. The spaces in an under bed shoe storage box are a bit larger and may work for some pairs of heels, and boots that can be folded over.

See Through Boxes: Small see through boxes lined up and labeled on closet shelves are a popular shoe storage solution that works for most pairs of shoes. The only shoe that may not fit well are boots, they will require longer boxes which may not fit in with your shelf layout.

Original Shoe Boxes: A personal favorite is to keep the original boxes that your shoes came in for storage. Shoe boxes fit each pair perfectly, whether they are heels, dress boots or hiking boots, and they are easy to stack and store as well as coming with covers to protect and keep off dust.

There is no “one” right way to store shoes. Each person has their own personal favorite storage methods and a way that works for them. The ideas above are just a few of the many solutions that have evolved out of the need for shoe storage.

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