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Decorative wall clocks are a popular accessory that many people love because they are both attractive and functional. Wall clocks come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and themes that will suit any need so you won’t have any problem finding one or a few that suits your taste perfectly. They can be used in every room of your home including the kitchen and bedrooms.

One of the oldest and most popular types of wall clocks is the pendulum clock. Some of these are very large and stand on their own. These are usually referred to as grandfather clocks and they take up a lot of space. Others are very small and can sit on a table with a variety of sizes in-between.

Do you love animals? Then you’ll love wall clocks designed in the shape of cats, dogs, horses or one of the many other animal designs. You can find them with decorative faces of animals, nature scenes, sport scenes and many other styles as well. With so many options available how do you choose between them all? Here are a few tips that can help you out in this department.

Aside from choosing designs that you like, you need to choose wall clocks that enhance the room. Size is a big factor. For example, you don’t want to place a large clock in a small room or vice versa. Another thing to consider is where the clock will be placed and whether or not you want it to be the focal point of the room. Larger ones can serve as the focal point while smaller ones can accent other décor in the room.

Style is the next big thing that you need to consider. Whatever type of style you choose you’ll want to pick colors that will enhance the rest of your décor not clash with it. Before making a purchase consider the color of your walls, furniture and other décor. It will affect the way the wall clock looks in your home.

Decorating your master bedroom is easy with a few décor and organizational tips. The master bedroom
should be the place where you go to relax and escape from the hassles of the day, not a place where
everything that doesn’t have a place gets tossed. It’s easy to shove things in closets or stack them in a
corner when you’re not sure what to do with them. The problem is, before long these items will start
taking up all of your room.

The best way to organize and decorate your bedroom is by moving everything, except the necessary
furniture, out of the room. Stack all of the extra items, clothing, shoes and anything else you have in
boxes and move them to another room while you work.

The next step is to arrange your furniture in a way that is comfortable and that gives you the most
space. You need room to walk between the furniture and the doorways should be clear. This is a good
opportunity to set up a reading chair, table and lamp in the bedroom where you can curl up with a good
book and relax after a long hard day at work.

Purchasing a closet organizer and under-the-bed storage containers will make it easy to organize as you
begin putting the things back that you truly want. Only bring back the items that you need and leave the
rest packed up for now. Once you have the master bedroom looking the way you always dreamed of, it’s
time to start eliminating the things you don’t need.

Go through your clothes and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or that you haven’t worn in a long time.
If you’re not sure about an outfit, try it on and if it’s not comfortable or doesn’t look the way you like,
it’s time to get it out of your closet. Do the same thing for your shoes and you should have lots more
room in your closet by the time you’re finished. The closet organizer will help keep the items you do
keep neatly put away.

Now it’s time to sort through all those other things that were cluttering up your master bedroom. If
you don’t need it, want it or not even sure what it is, get rid of it. There is no need to keep a bunch
of stuff packed away that serves no purpose. All it does is clutter up your home and collect dust.

The items that you do want to keep but that you no longer want sitting out can be placed in the under-
the-bed storage containers until you do need them again. This is also a great place to store extra
clothing that is out of season to make more closet space.

A well decorated and organized master bedroom will be more comfortable and relaxing. You’ll be able
to rest better at night and wake feeling more refreshed in the mornings. Your master bedroom will
finally be the oasis you always dreamed of.

The summer is coming to an end and everyone is anticipating going back to school. These last few weeks of summer can be very stressful for everyone but you can help to relieve some of the stress with a few end of summer craft ideas. These will help keep your child busy doing something they love so they won’t have so much time worrying about what the new school year will bring.

Here are a few craft ideas for the end of summer along with directions that can help your family get through the next few weeks a little easier:

  • Glow-In-the-Dark Comet– You’ll need a tennis ball, glow-in-the-dark fabric paint and plastic string, tacky glue and a craft knife. Use the paint to decorate the ball and allow it to dry. Make a handle by folding about forty inches of string in half and then place a double knot on both ends. Cut a ½ inch slit in the ball. Squeeze it open and push both of the knots inside the ball and use the glue to secure in place. Allow the glue to dry and then you’re ready to enjoy your glow-in-the-dark comet.
  • Rock Necklaces– You’ll need a small rock, scissors, 22 inch gauge colored wire, needle nose pliers, colored leather cord and a pencil. Place the rock at the center of the wire and wrap it around the rock a few times. Twist the ends together to secure and then wrap the twisted end around the pencil to make a loop. Close the end of the loop off with the pliers and cut off any excess wire. Finish up by placing the leather cord through the loop and tie the ends together to hold it secure.
  • Decorative Light Switch Covers– You’ll need different colored duct tape, light switch plates, waxed paper, permanent marker and a craft knife. Choose a color and cover the switch plate with the duct tape and fold the ends under the edges. Use the knife to cut an “X” in the center slot where the light switch will go and push the edges inward. Cut out strips of the colored duct tape and place on the waxed paper. Turn it over and draw different shapes on the paper with a permanent marker. Cut out the shapes and peel off the waxed paper revealing the sticky side and place your design onto the switch plate.

Children get bored easily and need to be stimulated. When they’re interested in the craft projects you provide for them, they’ll be excited and enthusiastic about the project.

You may want to invest in a good craft book that has a variety of different projects for kids of all ages. Most of these have easy to follow instructions that are simple to use. Some even have pictures illustrating how to do the project and the sections are usually divided up according to the season.

It’s that time of year again when shopping for school supplies is at the top of the “to do” list. This is the time that’s filled with excitement and fun but getting ready for the new school year can be a little stressful. As a parent, you want to make sure your child has everything they need but if you’re like most people, you have a budget to adhere to. Trying to stay within that budget and still purchase all of the items needed is what makes back to school shopping stressful. However, it can be made easy with a few simple tips such as the ones listed below:

  • Start shopping as soon as you can instead of waiting until the last minute. This will help ease some of the stress and make shopping for school supplies easier.
  • Before you go shopping make a list of all the supplies you already have so you won’t waste time searching for items or spend money on things that you don’t need.
  • If you don’t have a supply list provided by the teacher, go ahead and pick up the basic supplies that you know your child will need. This normally includes paper, composition books, notebooks, number two pencils, black or blue ink pens and a backpack. Most all supply lists will include these items. You should have a general idea of what items will be needed based on the grade your child will be entering.
  • Determine what items are needed and which ones are things that your child would simple like to have. Buy the necessary items first and then if there is money left over, you can consider some of the items that are not necessary. These can be purchased anytime during the school year.
  • Some items can be purchased in bulk such as pencils, notebooks, paper and glue sticks. These are items that your child will need all year long so buying in bulk will save you money and reduce the need to run out at the last minute to buy more pencils or paper throughout the school year. If you have any supplies left over at the end of the year, they can be used next year.

Back to school shopping doesn’t have to be hard or stressful and the tips above can help you get this school year off to a great start.

The coffee table is a large and prescient object, which tends to dominate the nature of the living room or den that it is placed into. Acting almost like the spine of the space, a coffee table, also known as a cocktail table, will both set the standard for the flow of movement through the room, as well as the nature of interactions within it. In the following we will discuss a number of intriguing options you have for this prominent piece, as well as ways to explore your own creativity with this versatile items.

First and most obvious, the coffee table is a platform that can be used to display a variety of things. Statues, candles, and other decorative arrangements can all act as the centerpiece for these tables, making it act more like a pedestal than a functional surface. However you need to be careful, because adding too many items to the surface of these pieces can result in the room taking on a close and cluttered feeling which can make the entire space feel a little claustrophobic.

The most common things to find on these pieces are books, works or art or literature, and magazines. Often a variety of reading materials will be spread across the surface, waiting for people to peruse their insightful insides. This has a dual purpose. Not only does it add an inherent recreational function to the room, but it also provides you with a place to display your inner personality in a very subtle way. The type of reading material you choose will demonstrate how your mind works, and where your intellectual leanings lie, so choose carefully.

A table cloth can also be used to dress up a coffee table. Traditionally used on dining or buffet tables to protect them from spills, a colorful cloth can be used to quickly splash attractive hues across the surface of these pieces. This can be done in a flat base color, which will allow you to coordinate it with other decorative pieces, or you can use a pattern and let the tablecloth set the tone for the entire room.

A coffee table is an important piece in your living room or den. Aside from being functional, it also tends to define the nature of the space. Decorating it with a cloth or various decorative items can allow you to enhance the effects of this piece, using it as a decorative pedestal to show off your style.

This article written on behalf of’s line of mosaic stone coffee tables, which are hand crafted in the United States, from rugged, rustic pieces or real natural stone. The body of the article itself was written by stone artist Jim Slate.

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Having pool party is a sociable way for cooling down and getting some fun. If you want to host a pool party, just follow some tips below and you will be ready to have fun.

The first thing that you have to do is to remind your guests for bringing their bathing suits and towels if you do not have enough in your home. By bringing their own bathing suits and towels, your guests will also feel comfortable to wear them during the party.

Secondly, you have to determine the menu so that you can easily purchase the beverages and foods for your pool party. Because your guests are going to swim, it is better for you to choose the light food like fruits, salads, dip, and veggies. Also, you have to avoid preparing alcohol because it can be dangerous for swimmers. Choosing teas, sodas, or juice would be better.

Thirdly, you have to completely clean your pool. You cannot invite your guests if you have dirty pool. So, you have to make sure that you have cleaned your pool before you start the party.

Fourthly, you need to prepare a room for those who want to change their clothes into bathing suits. Since it is impossible for your guests to go from home with bathing suits, this room will be very useful for them.

Fifthly, it is also important to set up a number of tables and patio chairs around your pool area so that your guests can be more enjoying the party. Moreover, you also need to set up additional tables that used for snacks and beverages. In these tables, you can add an ample supply of plates, napkins, cups, and utensils.

Lastly, you have to set up speaker and stereo system near your pool as the background music. Choosing surf music would be the best.

If you find difficulty for cleaning your pool, you can simply get the information on In this site, you will find many great options of pool cleaning solutions like Aquabot pool cleaner, which can be very useful to help you in remove any dirt in your pool.

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Christmas is the most awaited occasion, especially by children. It is during this season that they look forward to receiving presents. The joy in a child’s face when he receives a present during this season is just priceless. And even the adults, receiving a gift from the people they love can make their Christmas merrier. This is why, it’s very important to consider the type of gifts that we should wrap and give to either the children or the adults. These gifts should not necessarily be expensive, but should be something that they can value and treasure for the rest of their lives. And the more personalized it is, the better. One best example of this are personalized photo ornaments.

Photo ornaments are smart choice for Christmas presents, and even to other occasions. This is because it’s flexible for customization. You can choose unique photo ornaments to personalized ornaments with cute holiday designs to suit the occasion. Even these designs can be personalized with names or date. You can also suggest for additional designs depending on your preference. And if the material is good, you can coat on both sides of the photo ornaments so they can be decorated on the front and back. You can display your full color photo on one side and your special message on the back. You can also choose from a variety of font colors and styles with clip-arts to enhance the design.

The type of materials to use for these should be chosen carefully. Of course, you want it to be special and of high quality. Most cheaper photo ornaments are made of heavier ceramic material. This type of material is not only cheap but boring too. You can’t carry or place it anywhere either since it’s heavy. And it may not last longer so it’s not an ideal material for photo ornaments.

The best material for photo ornaments is porcelain. It is also a whiter material, so your image will clearly show up on its bright white background. Not only that, since it’s lighter compare to other material like ceramic, it’s easier to display the ornaments on a tree without weighing down the branches or when you hang it on your bag’s zipper.

Anybody who will receive photo ornaments as presents will surely appreciate its value because of the flexibility of their uses and uniqueness of the designs. You can use them as decorations on a table or cabinet. Or hang them on a Christmas tree. Just add a colored string like gold and they should look nice on the tree. There are also Photo ornaments designed as pins. You can pin them on your bag, shirt, or anywhere you want.

Choosing for the right present for any occasion shouldn’t be difficult. There are already stores that offer variety of gift collections that they can customize for you. And to guarantee a good value, choose the stores that already gained good reputation when it comes to materials and the quality of their work. And remember, it’s not the price, but it’s the thought that truly counts when choosing for presents.

Bennetta Elliott is a writer for Personalized Gift Express which offers photo ornaments and logo ornaments.

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