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Make this Christmas season a safe and happy holiday by choosing your decorations carefully. Each year you hear about homes being destroyed and families being injured by fires due to faulty Christmas lights or candles. This is a tragedy that can be prevented simply by following a few simple safety tips.

Start by pulling your lights out early and checking them for age and damage. If your Christmas lights are old and worn, invest in a new set of lights. They’re not very expensive and when you consider the alternative and the dangers old lights create, it’s well worth the expense. The newer lights are also safer to use and have been designed to burn longer without getting hot enough to cause a fire.

If you’re using a real tree make sure it’s watered and kept healthy. Dry branches and hot Christmas lights create a recipe for trouble. If you do notice the tree drying out before you’re ready to take it down, unplug the lights and give the tree plenty of water. Only continue using the lights if the branches soak up the water and turn green again. At the end of the holiday season, store your lights carefully to prevent damage that could create a fire hazard next year.

Candles are another danger that causes fires during Christmas. They look beautiful sitting around the home and scented candles can fill the air with a fresh sent that’s relaxing and cozy but they should never be left unattended. Don’t take a nap, visit with the neighbors or run to the store with candles burning.

Make sure they are completely distinguished before putting them away and if you have small children keep them up high out of the child’s reach. You can also consider using the artificial candles that look like the real thing but uses light bulbs instead of a flame. These are decorative and completely safe to use. Following these simple Christmas lights and candle safety tips can help your family have a safe, happy holiday.

During the Christmas season it’s easy to get so wrapped up in everything going on that you forget about pet safety. All year your pet sees the home a certain way and then Christmas comes along and everything gets changed around. Christmas trees are put up with all types of decorations and gifts are wrapped and placed under the tree. All of this can be a little overwhelming and confusing for your pet. It also creates dangers that you may not be aware of.

It would be very tempting for your beloved dog to chew up one or more of those brightly colored gifts placed so perfectly under the tree. After all, the colorful package is so inviting that it would be hard to resist. However, this can make them very sick and if they get into electronics and something with batteries, this could be hazards.

Have you ever thought about how those flashing lights on the tree can entice the dog or cat to explore a little closer? Very few cats can resist the temptation of climbing to the top of the tree but even fewer of them make it to top without topping it over. This could be disastrous for your home and your pet.

Chewing on tree branches, ornaments and Christmas lights can make your pet sick as well. If he bites a wire into, it can start a fire or electrocute your pet. Broken glass ornaments can cause severe injuries and pets can even get tangled up in the lights and other decorations and actually choke themselves. All of these things pose a danger to your pet.

To avoid accidents during the holiday season take some time to protect your pets. Some pets may not pay any attention to the changes but others are curious and want to explore, which very often leads to accidents. Never leave your dog or cat in the same room with the Christmas tree and gifts unattended. Use gates to keep your pet out of the room with the tree or put your pets in an area that is safe when you can’t monitor them. These precautions can keep your pets safer and make the holidays more enjoyable.


Home décor accessories make a great addition to any home as long as they’re arranged correctly. It can be difficult finding just the right amount accessories that doesn’t leave a space looking too bare or overcrowded.  If it’s too empty, the space will appear dull and boring. On the other hand, if it’s overcrowded, it will appear messy and unclean.

To keep accessories interesting they need to be balanced. You do this by using harmony and contrast. To create harmony, use things that are similar to pull the look together such as squares, circles and colors. Then use contrast to make it interesting. You can create contrast by using things that are different such as placing something round near something square or something smooth near something textured.

Use scaling to create proportion. In other words, match things according to their size. If you have a large dining room table, use a large center piece to decorate. Don’t put a large painting on a small wall or tiny pictures on a large wall. Keep things in proportion and your accessories will enhance the rest of the décor.

Layering is also important when you have several items taking up the same space. To layer your objects start by placing the largest one off-center. Next, place three layers of items across the shelf, mantel or object holding the accessories. Place the tallest objects in the back and the smallest ones up front. Soften things up a bit by adding a splash of color throughout the objects.

Experiment with different arrangements and try things whether you believed it will work or not. You’ll be surprised at some of the combinations that will look great if you simply give it a chance. Using accessories correctly can enhance your décor and help you create the perfect environment for you and your family.

Each year it seems that you see more and more inflatable decorations for your lawn. These are an attractive way to decorate your lawn but are they really practical? Some of the larger ones can be quite expensive so are they worth the money you’ll be paying for them? How long will they last before needing to be replaced?

Here are a few of the features associated with inflatable decorations to help you decide if they would be right for your family:

  • They’re an Investment– The initial cost may seem high but they’re a good investment because you can continue to use them each year.
  • Easy Way to Decorate– They’re an easy way to decorate because all you do is use an electric pump to inflate it, secure it to the ground and it’s ready to be displayed. Since changing temperature does affect the air pressure you may need to add more air from time to time.
  • Attractive– You have to admit that these decorations stand out and get a lot of attention. Add a few light displays and you have created beautiful scenery to share with others passing by your home.
  • Safe to Use– They are safe to use so you don’t have to worry about starting a fire and they’re so lightweight that you can easily move them around yourself.
  • Selection– There’s several different types of inflatable decorations for your lawn to choose from making it possible for you to find something that goes perfectly with your Christmas theme.
  • Easy to Store– When the holiday season is over, you simply deflate, pack up and store away until next year. No hassles or storage problems to deal with, it’s simple and easy.

When you considered all of the features associated with inflatable decorations for your lawn, they seem to be a very practical and a fun way to decorate for Christmas.

The bedroom is the one room in your home that is truly yours. Other family members don’t normally enter unless invited. Therefore, it’s important to decorate your bedroom the way you want it to be. It’s a great way to express your creativity while creating a calm and relaxing environment that you can enjoy.

If you’re living on a budget, you may be putting off decorating to save money. Fortunately, you can make dramatic changes without breaking your budget using these 5 bedroom decorating budget ideas:

1.      Paint Your Walls– This doesn’t cost very much and it can make a major difference in the way the room looks. Consider the color carefully and choose something that suits the theme you’re trying to create.

2.      Buy a New Comforter Set– A new comforter would make a world of difference because the bed is the focal point of the room. It stands out and the comforter that you use can help create a specific mood pulling things together or make the room look messy and out of order so choose wisely.

3.      Change the Drapes or Blinds– The drapes or blinds in your bedroom are more noticeable than you may even realize. Choose something that matches the rest of the décor and that can easily be opened up to let the sun shine in.

4.      Use an Area Rug– Add an area rug to pull the look together. This is a fast and inexpensive way to add pizzazz to your bedroom and complete the look.

5.      Experiment with Lighting– Different types of lighting creates different moods and it can change the whole atmosphere of the room. Experiment with lamps and different color bulbs until you find the ones that suit your needs the best. It’s important to have a combination of lighting options to choose from to be comfortable and practical at the same time.

These are simple and inexpensive ideas that can dramatically change your bedroom and they can be worked it into most any budget. You can have that amazing retreat you’ve always wanted without going over your budget.

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