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Though we grow older, we never grow too old for Easter candy. Jelly beans, chocolate eggs wrapped in colorful foil wrappers and marshmallow hens and chicks coated in colored sugars are reminiscent of childhood for all of us. If you are looking for a light-hearted gift for someone like a neighbor or coworker, a collection of these candies, served up in a cup and topped off with a decorative ribbon might be just the right gift.

First, scout around the local second hand shops and antique stores in your area. Look for mismatched tea cups, coffee mugs and matching saucers if they are available. Focus on spring or Easter themes. Mugs with pictures of Easter bunnies or tea cups with floral patterns are an excellent choice for this project. If you have trouble finding cups there, you can try your local dollar-type store for seasonal cups.

Next, purchase a variety of candies, depending on the tastes of your intended recipient(s). You can fill the cups with alone type of candy or mix and match. It’s up to you. If you’re going to use marshmallow candies, get the kind that is individually wrapped. Opening a larger package and separating the marshmallows will cause them to dry out and become stale.

Cut a length of pastel colored ribbon. Center the bottom of the cup on the center of the ribbon. Bring the ends up and tie the ribbon in place. Slip a hand-printed gift tag onto the ribbon and tie again. Curl the ends of the ribbons and let them dangle from the cup. Set the cup on its saucer, if bought one. Your gift is ready.

Candy-filled cups make nice place settings for an Easter get-together too. You can use them instead of place cards by putting each guest’s name on the tag.


Here’s a popular post we had last year about Easter symbols, what they mean and where they come from. In light of the upcoming holiday, we thought we’d repost this one.

Easter is the holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and dates all the way back to the very beginning of Christianity. Easter represent new life and the rebirth of Christ which took place the third day after he was crucified. There are several symbols that are associated with Easter but why are these particular symbols used for this holiday?

The main traditional symbols associated with Easter are rabbits and eggs. Children look forward to painting eggs all kinds of exciting colors and then spending the evening hunting for them. It is fun for the whole family. Eggs symbolize the tomb from which Christ emerged and the hatching of the baby chick is the symbol of new life being born. This is why they were chosen has symbols for Easter.

Why is the rabbit a common Easter symbol? The rabbit was appropriately associated with Easter because the hare represents fertility. It is considered a symbol of rebirth and new life. There are two stories that tell how rabbits became associated with Easter.

One account states that when the Germans settled in America they brought with them a tradition in which a rabbit would visit homes the night before Easter and leave brightly colored eggs for the children that lived there. This bunny’s name was “Oschter Haws”. The second account states that Eastre, who was also referred to as Ostara, was the Anglo-Saxon Teutonic Goddess of both springtime and fertility. She was usually seen escorted by a rabbit.

The while blossoms of Easter Lilies rise up in the spring and symbolizes the purity of Jesus. The cross is the symbol of the victory Jesus had over death and the lamb rightfully represents the “Lamb of God”. On that Palm Sunday when Jesus first arrived in Jerusalem palm branches were waved by the people to welcome him therefore, palm branches is a symbol of Easter.

The Butterfly was chosen as an Easter symbol because of its unique life cycle. It begins as a caterpillar that stands for the time Jesus spent on earth. The cocoon stage is next which represent the crucifixion of Christ and his burial. In the last stage it emerges from the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly which symbolizes his resurrection in a new glorified body. As you can see these symbols were not randomly chosen, they all have a specific meaning that is associated with new life and rebirth.

Easter is not a holiday celebrated only by Christians, however. There are other religions that celebrate Easter and even non-religious people can share in the mainstream festivities, tales of the Easter Bunny, candy and colored eggs. Whatever your personal beliefs, we hope you have a very Happy Easter!

easter-eggs.jpgIf you will be entertaining children (your own or others) this Easter, could you use some unique and fun Easter Egg hunt ideas? One of the most fun activities for children on Easter holiday is to do an Easter egg hunt. There are many variations of the traditional egg hunt and how it can be performed. If you want to mix things up a little this year or if you’re simply out of ideas at all for an Easter Egg hunt, here are some tips and ideas we have tried over the years that we hope you may enjoy as well.

Here are some fun Easter egg hunt ideas for you to consider with the children this Easter:

1. Find the Easter Basket: Instead of just leaving the Easter baskets out for the children to find, consider leaving a trail of eggs with clues inside to help them find their surprise from the Easter Bunny. You can adjust the clues to be age-appropriate.
2. Scavenger hunt- Turn your egg hunt into a scavenger hunt with riddles and clues and more. Have special prizes for the children when they complete their scavenger list.
3. Stuffed Eggs- Use plastic eggs with small prizes inside for the children to find such as stickers, temporary tattoos and more. This is also a great idea if you don’t want to (or can’t) fill the eggs with candy.
4. Color coded eggs hunt- Try color coding the eggs so that each egg found of a certain color corresponds to a specific toy or prize.
5. Egg Notes- Hide plastic eggs with special notes inside. They may be clues for what the child needs to do to get a prize such as “sing a song to Mom”.
6. Odd and Even Eggs- Place numbers on the eggs and give the kids instructions to find only the odd or the even numbered eggs. Each child will only be able to get eggs with the number they were assigned to.
7. Find Your Egg- Before the hunt begins, place the name of each child inside an egg (or write it on the outside of real eggs) and then tell them the first person to find their own egg gets a special prize.
8. Checklist of Eggs- Make a checklist for each child (similar to the scavenger hunt) that tells how many eggs of each color they should find. Offer special prizes to the first to finish their checklist of eggs.
9. After Dark Egg Hunt- A good game for older children or even adults is to wait until the sun goes down and search for your eggs in the dark. Give each participant a small flashlight.
10. Indoor Egg Hunt- If you’re worried that uncooperative weather may ruin your Easter egg hunt, you can consider an indoor egg hunt this year.

You may or may not use these ideas for your own Easter egg hunt this year but we hope that whatever activities and festivities you have planned, you have a very happy, fun and safe Easter!

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