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Decorating your master bedroom is easy with a few décor and organizational tips. The master bedroom
should be the place where you go to relax and escape from the hassles of the day, not a place where
everything that doesn’t have a place gets tossed. It’s easy to shove things in closets or stack them in a
corner when you’re not sure what to do with them. The problem is, before long these items will start
taking up all of your room.

The best way to organize and decorate your bedroom is by moving everything, except the necessary
furniture, out of the room. Stack all of the extra items, clothing, shoes and anything else you have in
boxes and move them to another room while you work.

The next step is to arrange your furniture in a way that is comfortable and that gives you the most
space. You need room to walk between the furniture and the doorways should be clear. This is a good
opportunity to set up a reading chair, table and lamp in the bedroom where you can curl up with a good
book and relax after a long hard day at work.

Purchasing a closet organizer and under-the-bed storage containers will make it easy to organize as you
begin putting the things back that you truly want. Only bring back the items that you need and leave the
rest packed up for now. Once you have the master bedroom looking the way you always dreamed of, it’s
time to start eliminating the things you don’t need.

Go through your clothes and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or that you haven’t worn in a long time.
If you’re not sure about an outfit, try it on and if it’s not comfortable or doesn’t look the way you like,
it’s time to get it out of your closet. Do the same thing for your shoes and you should have lots more
room in your closet by the time you’re finished. The closet organizer will help keep the items you do
keep neatly put away.

Now it’s time to sort through all those other things that were cluttering up your master bedroom. If
you don’t need it, want it or not even sure what it is, get rid of it. There is no need to keep a bunch
of stuff packed away that serves no purpose. All it does is clutter up your home and collect dust.

The items that you do want to keep but that you no longer want sitting out can be placed in the under-
the-bed storage containers until you do need them again. This is also a great place to store extra
clothing that is out of season to make more closet space.

A well decorated and organized master bedroom will be more comfortable and relaxing. You’ll be able
to rest better at night and wake feeling more refreshed in the mornings. Your master bedroom will
finally be the oasis you always dreamed of.

Does your sofa and chair look dull and worn out? Would you like to brighten things up a bit without spending lots of money? Then consider using slipcovers to bring them back to life. Slipcovers are a stylish way to change the look of your furniture without spending lots of money and they’re easy to create. Simply follow the easy tips listed below:

  • Decide what you would like to change in the room. For example, will it be the sofa, chair, pillows or all of these items.
  • Choose a new pattering or theme that you want to use for the new slipcovers.
  • Make sure the new patterns match the existing décor.
  • It’s suggested that you use the same type of fabric for all of your pieces.
  • It’s recommended that you don’t use complicated patterns for slipcovers that will be placed on the larger pieces of furniture because this can be a bit overwhelming. However, they’re fine for smaller items such as pillows.
  • Decide if you want to buy the slipcovers or make them yourself. If you would like to make your own, you can find step by step instructions on the Internet.

When it comes to brightening things up with slipcovers the options are plentiful. You can even use several different sets of slipcovers and exchange them whenever you would like something different. Use you imagination and get creative but don’t go overboard with color or this could make the room feel uncomfortable.

If you like the pattern that your furniture already has but you would like to cover the legs or bottom portion of the piece, you can do that as well. All you need to do is use furniture skirts to cover them up with style. Using slipcovers is a great and inexpensive way to make old furniture match new décor. Change a boring lifeless room into a bright lively environment simply by using slipcovers to bring life to that old furniture. It’s the fast and easy way to decorate.

As the proud owner of a log home, you have already distinguished your abode from the other cookie-cutters on the block. And while your logs are a mighty and timeless design statement on their own, don’t just throw all the usual stuff into your home and expect it to look fresh. There’s a place for the oldies and goodies in your decor repertoire, but you also want to incorporate some contemporary trends that can turn a comfortable home into a comfortable stylish home.

1. Prepare like a Pro: Interior decorators may envision a “finished” room before the first coat of paint is dry, but even designers rely on visual aids to ensure harmony and order. Taniya Nayak, host of HGTV’s “Designed to Sell” and President of Design Digs in Washington, D.C., recommends a design-school basic: tacking photos, fabric swatches and magazine clips to a bulletin board for inspiration. “Pull ideas from your wardrobe, travel and personal background. Tear out magazine pictures and add them to your collection,” Taniya says.

2. Remember the Room: Don’t hesitate to explore new colors, fabrics and furniture, but always keep the room’s bones in the back of your mind. “Look to architecture for clues about design,” says “24 Hour Design” host Angelo Surmelis. “Focus on warm tones in wood for clues about color and furniture choices, then throw it all off guard a bit with an unexpected element, like an ethnic-inspired piece.”

3. Use the Color Wheel: Going green has new meaning for homeowners, who are painting entire rooms in soothing shades of olive, sea foam, moss and sage. Create an oasis with watery blues and purples or balance the lush hue with rich, warm browns. A simple, high-contrast color scheme also is elegant, particularly in small spaces such as powder rooms. According to Angelo, “black and white fabrics and furniture are here to stay for another season.” Punch up the understated palette with hot-hued accessories in citrus shades.

4. Mismatch Accessories: Experiment with tastefully contrasting colors and patterns when it comes to accessories. The look involves some trial and error, but it’s a low commitment—pillows and blankets require much less of an obligation than a coat of paint or new sofa. Look around the room before selecting a color scheme. Sticking to a limited or complementary palette will make this approach less daunting. “If your room is neutral, you’re pretty safe, but if you have lots of color, find the one that’s least represented and bring it out in a stripe or other pattern, so the color isn’t just floating,” Angelo suggests. “Mix and match patterns, stripes and florals, keeping color choices to a minimum.”

5. Be Artsy: Artistic touches attract the eye and add charm to a room. Express your creative side (no formal training required) by adding the unexpected, such as a mosaic floor covering. Patterned tile “rugs” in the entryway or great room are breathtaking and, better yet, incredibly easy to clean.

6. Use What You Have: Don’t break the bank attempting to recreate a fabulous room you saw in a magazine. Incorporate family heirlooms and one-of-a-kind accessories you’ve accumulated over the years. “If you’ve got one fabulous piece, don’t put things out that compete; use it as inspiration. Don’t be afraid to mix styles to make it stand out more,” Taniya says.

7. Don’t Clutter: Accessories can bring a room together, but they can just as easily overwhelm or detract from a beautiful space. “Less is definitely always more,” Angelo advises. “But there’s also a danger to going too ‘small’ in tight spaces with a lot of accessories and knickknacks.” Determine what you need, and resist the temptation to clutter the room. Remember that you own the space; you can change or modify the look whenever it pleases you. “You’re the curator of your home,” Angelo says. He suggests occasionally rotating items in from storage. “Your home’s design should evolve.”

8. Look West for Inspiration: Today’s western motifs are not the wildlife exhibits of yesteryear. In fact, a modern rustic look is streamlined and easy to coordinate, says Esther Schmidt, design writer and author of Cabin Kitchens. “Use more solids and less print,” Esther says. Honey-hued oak and cedar furniture are smooth-lined and unfussy. Upholstery, pillows and throws are equally sturdy in leather and wool, but add plenty of warmth and texture. Taniya prefers to keep the big elements of the room simple. “It’s good to incorporate color, but use a neutral base on the sofa and walls. Change accessories seasonally, but try not to over-stylize,” he says.

9. Plan Your Lighting: Whether your preference is classic, modern or somewhere in between, lighting does more than brighten a room—it adds dimension and character. “Recessed lighting is fabulous,” says Esther, who is also fond of antique and mixed-media lighting. Angelo notes that homeowners are using similar techniques to brighten their homes, but in environmentally conscious ways. “People are using eco-friendly lighting and dimmers for instant mood.”

10. Treat Your Windows (Or Not): Many homeowners are quite literally letting the natural beauty of windows shine through. Built-in blinds and simple cornices can enhance already fabulous windows. For those pursuing a more sophisticated look, however, dramatic fabrics are still popular in bold, beautiful drapes and curtains. If you love the effect of a full drape, but lack cathedral ceilings, you’re in luck. Floor-to-ceiling drapery actually works well in short spaces, making the room appear larger.

Is your room too long and/or narrow? Is the ceiling too high?  Too low?  Lets look at these problems one at a time.  You will be amazed at how simple this is going to be!

If your room is too long, simply group your furniture in two settings.  If it is a family room, divide it with an area rug, and have a media grouping and a game table and play area.  Put two sofas back to back in the middle of the room to divide your space. If it is a bedroom, have your bed, night stands, chest and dresser on the end farthest from the door.  Have a cozy sitting area at the close end. If the room isn’t that long, simply use a darker color on the short walls to visually draw them closer to each other.

If it is too narrow think horizontal.  A long sofa set diagonally across a corner will visually make it look wider.  A wide mirror on a long wall will give you twice the depth.  Think light, cool colors. Wallpaper a short wall with a horizontal stripe to make it look wider.  Wall to wall shelving on a short end will push out those walls visually.  Any furniture on the long walls should be the same depth of color as the walls…you don’t want it to stand out!

If your ceiling is too low, go vertical…tall floor lamps, vertical paintings, white ceiling with darker walls, tall bookcases, or low backed furniture. If it is too high, go horizontal again…drop a border a foot below the ceiling and paint the ceiling color down to it.  High backed furniture will fill up the space visually.

Are you planning to decorate outside this fall or for upcoming Halloween? Maybe you want to create a wonderland of Halloween festivities in your front yard or perhaps you just want to add a little seasonal flair to your lawn. Whatever your reason for seeking Halloween or fall decorating outside, you’ll probably notice that there are a lot of tools available to help you now.

A quick trip to town and local department or retail stores will show you there are many places selling Halloween decorations. From giant, blow up creatures for your lawn to yard posts, scarecrows and much more, you can find something for everyone and every decor theme.

But you’re not limited by what they’re selling in the stores. If you have a creative heart, you can try making some of your own Halloween outdoor decorations. This can save you some money and it can be great fun to create unique ideas that are guaranteed not to be found anywhere else on the block.

Whichever method you choose (or try mingling a little of both) we suggest you plan out your lawn decor before you start adding anything. Sit down with a pencil and paper and create some “blue prints” of what you want your Halloween outdoor decor to look like. This will give you a plan to follow when you actually start placing things out there and the overall effect will be more as you’ve planned.

You can share your love for Halloween and the fall season with great Halloween decorating outside. Don’t forget to take pictures so you can remember this for years to come!

We’re pulling up an old post from last year because it was such a popular one. We thought it might be a good idea to refresh it here for those of you just visiting us this year. It’s great for the new fall season and can help with your fall decorating ideas.

Fresh Gourds

When it comes to gourd art, many people ask how they can dry out their own gourds for making beautiful hand-crafted designs. If you do not grow your own gourds and would rather skip the drying phase and get right to decorating and designing, you can purchase already dried gourds. There are many great locations to purchase these already dried and prepared gourds and you can be well on your way to creating gourd art in no time at all.

However, if you grow your own gourds or if you’d like to try your hand at drying them yourself, here are some tips for you to follow. Remember that the most important tip for drying your own gourds is not to rush it. It’s very important that you let nature run its natural course and dry the gourds. You should never dry to scrape them or do anything to try to force them to dry sooner.

1. When you harvest the gourds is important. Get them when they are ripe at the end of season and when the stem has turned brown. Keep some of the stem on the gourd when you harvest it (1-3 inches, depending on size of the gourd).

2. Gently remove any dirt or soil that is on the gourd. You don’t have to scrub the soil away; just gently shake off the excess.

3. Use a rubber band or string to attach to the stem so that you can hang the gourd for drying. Find a dark, well-ventilated area to hang your gourds to dry. A garage or a basement usually works well.

4. Check in on your gourds often. If mold develops on the skin of the gourd, you will need to remove it. (You can remove the mold gently with a 10% solution of bleach).

5. When you check in on the gourds, you should tap them gently with your hand to judge how they are drying. Once they are dry to the touch and make a hollow sound, they are ready to use for art.

6. You only need to check on your gourds about once a month. It can take 2-4 months for your gourds to dry out depending on the conditions where they are and the type of gourd.

7. When your gourds are dry and you are ready to use them you can paint them with a layer of varnish or paste wax if you want to preserve the finish.

8. Begin decorating!

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Well, October is here; are you ready?

For many, this is a favorite time of year. Fall is here, the leaves are falling from the trees and several holidays fall during this time of year. It’s a time for families to get together, old friends to stay in touch and people to redecorate their homes for the next few months.

Have you thought about how you will redecorate your home for the fall mood this year? Maybe you’ve already started. We’ve been posting some other blog posts about fall decorating tips and ideas for your home. We’ve also invited our readers to share their fall decorating ideas with the rest of us. We always love to hear the creative ideas the rest of you have.

We also want to remind you that we have great fall décor products on our website which also make great gifts during the season.

You can decorate your home in fall décor styles that get you and your guests in the mood for the season. Take the mirror wall décor photo above for one. As the description states:

“Bring the beauty of an autumn day in the park into any space with the Mallard and Leaves Mosaic Mirror. This one-of-a-kind mirror has a fall theme. Various purple tones frame the mirror and compliment the hand sculpted mallard and leaves. Each mosaic mirror is handmade and can be customized to size, shape and color you would like. This limited edition mosaic mirror will brighten any home or office.”

This is one of many great decorative items for fall that you can find on our website. But it doesn’t have to stop there. You can look around your own home and property to find more ideas for decorating for the fall. Pine cones, leaves and gourds can be easily obtained and used in decoration.

There are many do-it-yourself fall décor crafts and projects you can create and then give as gifts or use to spruce up your own home during the fall season. Throughout the month of October, we will be sharing some of our ideas with you and as always, we welcome you to post your own.

Happy October!

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