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It’s that time of year again and if you are looking for something great to do with the kids or as a family, then creative Halloween decorations may be just the thing. If you walk around the average neighborhood at Halloween time or in the fall, you’re likely to see most of the same types of decorations floating around. You will find pumpkins, witches, jack-o-lanterns, black cats and more.

If you want to do something really different this Halloween season, you’ll need to focus on some creative ideas and crafts that can be used as decorations. Even the Halloween costumes that you or your children wear can be made uniquely.

Here are some ideas of creative Halloween decorations that you can do as a family:

  • Glass vases are great to decorate around the inside of your home- fill them with goodies and display then wherever you choose
  • Masks- hanging a creepy mask on the front door or using it to decorate a scarecrow are great, unique ways of decorating for the season
  • Small accents- small accents can be a great subtle way to decorate for the holiday without going overboard
  • Spider webs- these can be made of many materials around your home and they are a great deal of fun for Halloween décor. You have many options on where and how you can use them.

These are just a few creative Halloween decorations that you can try this season. If you’re looking for something to do with the kids, you might also want to be sure you allow them creativity to think of some of their own ideas.

Here at Unique Decor Online and Decorating for the Artistic Soul, we hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

If you have children, most are out of school today for the Thanksgiving holiday. Many people are also out of work today. Many families are preparing for the holiday tomorrow and get-togethers with family and friends. This is a great time to get together for soem holiday activities. We love arts and crafts and encourage all families, regardless of age to take part in holiday oriented arts and crafts.

This can be a great way to spend time together as a family, get in the holiday spirit and also to encourage the arts. Don’t think that you have to be a child to get into the Thanksgiving spirit or to make these arts and crafts or play these games. This is a great way to get the whole family involved in something special and also a great idea for passing the time while waiting for the Thanksgiving meal to be ready.

Here are some Thanksgiving activities and craft ideas we’ve found. We encourage you to drop us a note and let us know some of your own ideas.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’ve been talking about great Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas and I found another great video full of ideas. As an added bonus to your Thanksgiving festivities, don’t make this centerpiece alone. Instead, gather the children, invite your sisters over or other friends and family and make it a joint effort.

You can bake up some cookies or Thanksgiving inspired snacks and make a great event out of it. This is a wonderful time to start sharing what you all feel thankful for this year and what you’re looking forward to about Thanksgiving Day. Cherish the time together while you do something special with family and/or friends.

Will you have family over this Thanksgiving Day? Millions of people will be celebrating their Thanksgiving with family and most will have some type of Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate. You may have already started your Thanksgiving decoration but maybe you haven’t yet made your table centerpiece. Are you still thinking of ideas for decorating your table?

Here is a great video from Julie Mulligan of 1800FLOWERS which talks about Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas and how you can decorate your table this year.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table

Let’s face it; times are tough for many people this year. If you’re wondering how you’re going to afford the typical Thanksgiving this year, or if you’re just looking for some extra ways to save money, we have some ideas for you.

When you follow these simple tips, it can help you have a great Thanksgiving and fabulous holiday meal without breaking the bank.

• Have a potluck dinner. With potluck, you can provide the turkey for the meal at your house and each guest should bring a side dish. This lowers your cost as well as the costs of anyone else who attends your Thanksgiving event. It also means more people get what they want because the family (or friends) helps build the meal themselves.

• Keep your meal simple. You don’t have to go all out on a glamorous or extravagant meal. Keep it simple and you will keep your costs down as well. This isn’t the year to try something new and luxurious. Stick to simple foods that you know.

• Make things from scratch. Foods made from scratch are generally much more affordable that ready made foods of the same type. You can pay from two to three times as much for a ready made item than you would for the ingredients to make it from scratch.

• Keep your eyes out for a free turkey. That’s right; free turkey. There are many grocery stores that offer specials this time of year and you can get a free turkey when you buy certain products or when you spend a certain amount in the store. If you’re going to be spending that much anyway, why not get the turkey for free? There are also certain agencies that have free turkey programs during the Thanksgiving holiday season.

• Clip coupons. You can shop smart this season by using coupons. Check your local sales papers, online, and on the grocery store shelves for great coupons on the items you want to buy for your Thanksgiving dinner. Some grocery stores also have bulletin boards where they or other customers place coupons for you to use.

These tips can help you have a great holiday meal without spending a great deal of money. Don’t think you have to sacrifice your Thanksgiving meal just because you’re short on funds this year.

If you have more money saving ideas, please share them!

On the topics of centerpieces you can make yourself, here are some more of our favorite videos we’ve found on the topic.

Remember when viewing these that you don’t have to copy what they do exactly. You can use this as a tool to fuel your own creative ideas. Gain inspiration but feel free to go your own creative way. If any of you have additional ideas for how to make your own centerpiece, we’d love to see you post it here!

Happy Holidays!

Making a Thanksgiving centerpiece can include lining the table with autumn leaves, piling up pumpkins and gourds in the center or using the turkey itself as decoration. Create a Thanksgiving centerpiece, using food, platters and foliage, with tips from an event coordinator in this free video on holiday parties. has just released “Fall Table Centerpieces” Video. This is another exceptional centerpiece with a very unique container!! So take a peek – you won’t believe what we ust to make this exceptional Fall or Thanksgiving Centerpiece. Ladybug Wreaths, as always, offers a 100% money back guarantee on this information Video as they do with each and every e-book and video they produce. Just send Nancy an email if you have any questions about this exceptional Thanksgiving Video.

Making a Thanksgiving basket requires filling an old basket, either a traditional shape or cornucopia shape, with fall-related objects, like pumpkins, pine cones, leaves, gourds and apples. Put together a Thanksgiving basket to use as a centerpiece or decoration with tips from an event coordinator in this free video on holiday parties

Learn about all the tools you will need to begin creating and designing your own fruit centerpieces in this free video clip.

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