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When you’re looking for some new, something interesting and something soothing for your home décor, consider indoor water fountains. There are more home décor options today than ever before. Because of this, it can be difficult sometimes to find the right options for you. When you want something new and unique to your home décor, you might consider indoor water fountains.

When you’ve decided you want to look at indoor water fountains to decorate a room in your home, the first step is to plan the overall design and theme of the room. Perhaps you already have a theme in the room and you want to add the fountain to it or maybe you are not sure what the theme of the room will be yet. You can even center the room décor around the indoor fountain if you choose.

There are so many different resources for you to use that it just makes sense to do the research and find the best options for you. You can also use the Internet to help you get a good idea of the types of fountains that are out there for you.

Some examples are:

  • Floor model water fountains
  • Wall mounted water fountains
  • Table top water fountains

They come in a variety of sizes that will work for your home décor needs. Sometimes you want the fountain to be a centerpiece of the room and other times, you just want a nice side piece with the soothing sounds that help you relax in the room.

They also come in a variety of styles so that you can pick the right ones for your needs. They can be made of stone, slate, glass, mirrors, marble and more. You can bring peace, serenity and beauty to any room in your home with a classic indoor water fountain. They also make a great gift idea for someone who you know and care about.

Decorative home décor is a great way to bring a little something special into your home that makes it personal to you. You can turn any area into a masterpiece of design and comfortable living when you have the right decorative décor.

A positive choice in decorative home décor is handmade items which are carefully crafted by artisans. This is where you can find a great deal of décor options for animal lovers. Animal lovers come in all types and there are great home decorative items for you all. There are deco items for horse lovers, cat lovers, dog lovers and more.

You can find home décor items such as pet placements, animal clocks that are hand built and designed, lighting and shade options, decorative wall mirrors, other wall décor and so much more. If you love animals and you want to show it in your home décor, this is the way to do it.

You can do an animal theme in one particular room of your home, throughout your entire home or just a general animal lover’s theme for the whole house or room which includes different types of animal décor. Some people may decide to do a farm theme with different animals that can be found on the farm in their décor. Or maybe you know someone who is a huge fan of horses and you want to get them a nice decorative piece which contains horses. All of these are easy options made possible when you know where to shop.

With these tips, you can find decorative home décor for animal lovers. Whether it’s for you or for a friend or family member, you can get exactly what you’re looking for. If you want more great gift ideas, head on over to Unique Décor Online to see what else we have to offer.

Living rooms are hardly used anymore now that great rooms, large family rooms, and casual dining have become the norm. But older homes and apartments still have major living rooms that can be made both beautiful and functional with some careful design.

When you choose your paint colors, go for something bright and cheerful.  It makes the room appear both friendlier and larger.  Area rugs can help to designate various functions, i.e. a game table, conversation grouping, or your entertainment center.  But when you plan this, be careful not to obstruct your traffic patterns.  Nobody wants to weave their way around furniture and plants while balancing a glass of milk and a plate of cookies!

Concentrate as much or more on your accessories than you furniture.  Your personality can show up with less expense by using plants, wall hangings, lamps and curios that reflect your life experiences and tastes.  No room is colder than one with no pictures, plants, and collections.

Your curtains or other window treatments and your area rugs will help to tie your color scheme together.   Accent colors can be brought in with your paintings and knicknacks.

When you have no family room, or basement rec room, it is important to be able to provide seating for guests when you throw a party. Ottomans and benches can double as additional seating.  Stack tables are also useful for placing beverages and dishes for that buffet style meal, you may have to serve to accommodate a larger than normal group.

So often I have found that people have seen a design in a magazine, or in a model home, thought it was beautiful, and then either tried to duplicate it or hired an interior decorator to give them that look.  More often than not, they are dissatisfied with the final outcome, either because they are uncomfortable in their new surroundings, or they have lost functionality, or they have overspent and are now house poor.

Just because a house is beautiful, and decorated in the newest color trends, it is not necessarily the perfect design for you and your family.  The two most important factors that must be considered are function and budget, and they are of equal importance.

A large, rambunctious family, with energetic boys and a big dog cannot be happy in a French Provincial formal setting.  They need well constructed, tough fabric covered furniture, easily maintained floors and indestructable tables in the family room and the kids’ bedrooms.  In this situation, most of the budget should be spent on the family room furniture…not in the living room that is used only once in a while for formal entertaining!

If Mom loves to cook and entertain, she needs a large, thoughtfully designed kitchen with lots of work space and storage.  Fancy media rooms are superfluous if there are two working adults, and children who are heavily into sports, occupying the family away from home most evenings and weekends.

Colors that are beautiful to look at once in a while are not necessarily ones that will give you the comforting feeling you want in a home when you have to live with them daily.  Most people will find that they are happier when they change accent colors rather than the main color schemes they have always had.

There are certain things that every home should have in the way of accessories. Certainly a coffee pot, a tea pot, and a toaster come immediately to mind.  But let’s think a bit more artistically.  For example, what is a home without:

  • Art- It doesn’t have to be a costly original.  It can be anything from your kids drawings on the door of the refrigerator to framed school pictures,  scenic photos you took in that photography class, or blown up and framed pictures of your favorite vacations.  It can be needlework, or various collections, or posters…you get the picture?
  • Vases- I have dozens of vases.  Some are for the roses I cut in my yard, some are bowls I float flowers in when they fall off theirs stems, some have tall bamboo sticks standing in them…Vases can be used as the main focal point…on the hearth or in a foyer or an alcove. They can double as an umbrella stand.  There are endless styles and shapes!
  • Rugs- I don’t mean wall-to-wall carpeting!  Area rugs, throw rugs, hand-made rugs for wall hanging, to catch the drips at the kitchen sink, to step out of the tub on, to lie in front of the fireplace…
  • Candles- There are so many ways to use candles. They are great when the electricity goes out, set a romantic mood for those special dinners, look beautiful in formal flower arrangements, or as a centerpiece on a dining room table or sideboard. They add that special scent at holidays, and what could be better than a bubble bath complete with aroma therapy candles?

Have you ever walked into a room and everything just seemed to be perfectly proportioned? Would you like to do the same for your home? You can with a few simple tips that can help you hang wall art like a pro. Where you position the art on your walls can influence the way the rest of the room appears. Whether you hang wall art in a symmetrical or asymmetrically order, you still need to know a few basic rules in order to get the look you’re after.

Choosing the right size art for the space you have on your walls and the size furniture in the room is the most important step. Otherwise, everything will look out of proportion. Below are a few basic tips that will help you pick out the right size art piece for each wall in your home and determine the right placement for each.

• In small rooms use small art pieces grouped together instead of large bold pieces.
• Groups of art pieces placed together should be considered one whole unit. It’s a good idea to form shapes such as circles or triangles with them to create a visual effect.
• Vertical art is recommended for long narrow hallways.
• Keep the length of art hung over sofas, chairs and tables about twenty-five percent shorter than the width of the furniture.
• When hanging single pieces of art, the general rule is to place the center of the art piece where it would be eye level for the average size person.
• Avoid placing small pieces of art scattered all around the room. It’s better to group them together in a specific order. This attracts attention and draws the eye towards them.
• A large piece of art can be placed alone on a wall as the focal point in the room.
• It’s a known fact that an odd number of art pieces grouped together will draw more attention than even numbers so, consider using three or five pieces together.

When grouping art pieces together, it’s recommended that you lay them out on a flat surface and move them around until you get the combination that looks the best before placing them on the wall. This way, you can experiment with different designs without making a lot of holes in the wall.

Whenever people start remodeling, they want to replace their flooring.  Today it is important to consider not only style and cost, but also whether or not what you are doing is safe for you in the home and also if  it is damaging ecologically.

The first thing you need to do is check out your existing flooring.  It may not need to be replaced at all.  Hard flooring can be refinished, stained, pickled, antiqued, or painted for a new look without cutting down more trees.

However, if you do have to replace it, consider using cork flooring, since it is durable, uses no toxic adhesives, comes in many colors and designs, and is comfortable to walk on.  And cork is easily renewable.

Carpeting collects dust mites, mildew, and pet dander, all of which are difficult to remove.  It is bad for people with allergies, and is often made from synthetics which are not good for the environment.  Carpet tiles are worth considering, since they can be easily replaced, one at a time, if damaged or stained. Another bonus is that they can be installed without using a professional installation service.  Often these are made from recycled materials.

If you still insist on carpeting, please consider not using carpet padding.  Not only are you paying more for the purchase and installation of this padding, but you also are shortening the life of the carpet.   So there is more material being used, more chemicals, shorter carpet life, and it is harder to clean, since the padding is like a sponge, absorbing and collecting dirt and stains and odors that are almost impossible to reach without using even harsher chemicals.

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